7 Digital Marketing Strategies During and After Coronavirus

7 Digital Marketing Strategies During and After Coronavirus

7 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During and After the Coronavirus

It is scary times right now all around the world. The Coronavirus has locked us all up in our homes, and we’re scrounging for necessities like toilet paper when we do get out. Is life ever going to be “normal” again? Yes, it will, but it is going to get worse first. Slowly businesses will be reopening, and more people will be returning to work.

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1. Use Social Media to Connect With Your Customers During This Critical Time

The impact of this Coronavirus outbreak is something to be dealt with by everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tested positive or not. We’ve all be locked in our homes, and we’ve all had to take extreme cautions.

We’ve had to quit gathering with family and friends and haven’t been out to eat at our favorite restaurants or go to the movies or shopping in months. We aren’t going to work, and we have to homeschool our kids. What we may have thought to be a significant life change has now been downgraded to minor inconveniences, but it’s all been jarring and unsettling, nonetheless.

Social Media Marketing

Now is a time when expressing empathy to those around us virtually. Now is the time to offer to help out and be sensitive. Now is not the time to be pushy or salesy, but it is an opportunity for making your brand stand out as that caring, concerned business. There are more of us on social media right now because we can’t go to work or unlock the doors to our businesses. We have the means to stay connected through this pandemic and a business owner. You can make the most of this captured audience.

Contribute to food banks in your immediate area on behalf of your company. Volunteer to do the grocery shopping for the elderly. Use social media to promote your good deeds and build your brand. GoMarketing has several ideas that we’ll be glad to share with you and help you get implemented. And promote your good deeds to help build your brand.

2. Make Sure Your Business Is Easily Found Online

With less time in our cars or walking, we’re spending more time indoors and on the internet. Until they ‘release’ us and we all feel comfortable getting out and about again, that internet time is going to increase. Until then, shopping online, we shall do!

Online Marketing

If everyone is online shopping, then that is where you need to be! If you’ve haven’t been in the virtual world, now is the time. You need to find what search engine optimization strategies are getting businesses to the top ranking on Google and make it happen for your website. Find out what you need to get found easier on search engine results pages. Get out of your protective shell and see what’s happening around you, then join in. GoMarketing is keeping a watchful eye on internet trends. Let us help you find the trend that fits your business through our Online Branding Services!

3. The Smart Advertising Move Right Now: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

With more of us on the computer, the timing is right for PPC marketing. If you’ve tried it before and had poor results, try it again. If you have never tried, now is the time to gain in the competitive online race and take advantage of the drop in cost-per-click rates. Get more exposure and save money doing it – how great is that? With the team at GoMarketing on your side, we’ll help you make a PPC campaign that sends your numbers soaring upward.

4. Take This Opportunity To Make a Special Offer During These Unique Circumstances

SEO increases organic traffic and pushes you up past the competition. People have nothing but time on our hands, and we’re surfing the internet more, but they’re still going to choose from the top 5 businesses on a Google search. GoMarketing can get your website to the top, but you need to put some effort into it and create an optimization strategy. The daily content is required with your optimization strategy in play, because if you aren’t on top of it daily, your competitors will be, and you’ll be on the losing end of this scenario.

Yes, budgets are tight right now, but stopping your SEO campaign would be a critical mistake. Your business will suffer from lost leads and lost revenue. Your competitors may be putting a temporary hold on their SEO campaign, so take advantage of that weakness and push with all you have to muster.

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5. Local SEO and Online Reviews Are Substantial Right Now and Later

As we mentioned earlier, the coronavirus outbreak will fade, and life will return to a normal state. All good things come to those that wait and prepare, which is what you should be doing right now – preparing. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy, and what you do today with your SEO campaign will affect the organic search traffic that lands on your website even two months later. Your revenue will suffer if you pause your SEO campaign now because, in two months, your website will be down at the bottom of any Google search. Let GoMarketing help you stay at the top of page one now and still be there two months later.

Local SEO

6. Keep Your Customers Informed and Spin How You Present Your Company To Fit The Time

Customers should easily find your website in your geo region, and GoMarketing can help you make that happen. Right now, everyone is looking for convenience aid. If your business can be that convenience, they’ll remember you later when the world is going to open up again, and they’ll be more likely to give you’re a positive review now. With our help, we can build up your online reputation and help you manage it later, keeping you in contact with your target audience during this chaotic, yet quiet time. Your product or service needs to be presented in a way that people see it as helpful, and we can help you make that happen.

Be Prepared to Pivot

7. Now Is The Time To Work Those Digital To-Do Lists

One good thing we’ve all had to happen is the free time we have now. Not having that commute to and from the office has added 2 to 3 hours to our day. The impromptu meetings aren’t happening now, either. Now we have the time to check those cracks where things fell and address them.

Get your website updated. GoMarketing can help you revamp your site, give it a new look, making sure it has a clear call-to-action, and perform a CRO audit to make sure the CTA is on-spot with today’s trends. We’ll audit your SEO, too, and make sure your optimization strategies are maximized to give you the most edge possible.

During This Coronavirus Pandemic, All Sizes Of Businesses Are Finding A Way To Market

While the streets have gotten quiet and the world seems to be at a standstill, small and large businesses are trying to stay afloat. A local art teacher wanted to stay connected with kids while they’re being homeschooled and separated from friends and teachers. Using Facebook Live, she started offering free art activities. Now there are 100s of kids and their parents tuning in to see today’s activity. When this pandemic is over, she has an excellent chance to see a lot of new students signing up for her art classes.

Business owners, executives, even musical and stage artists are reading books online for kids to enjoy and listen. These are one way of connecting that will be long remembered after things return to normal. If you’re afraid that everyone will forget what they’ve learned, a photographer has found a way to help remember with pictures. She takes pictures of families on their front porch in the stay-at-home garb—a real reminder of real times.

Big companies are suffering too, and they are looking for any way they can keep their doors open now, and when life returns. Smart advertising and digital marketing that is promoting what they are doing to keep the virus at bay with positive can-do messages. Like KFC, for instance.

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KFC has loaded onto Instagram a social distancing campaign that promotes their chicken too. Reminding everyone that you order online for pick up or delivery, stressing the fact that they are practicing touchless service and using the latest in handwashing and sanitation policies.


Starbucks’ COVID-19 strategy for their marketing during this time was to use compassion and empathy and offered first responders and healthcare workers a free beverage. They went to Instagram with their thanks and this announcement, which is sure to get them more business after life returns from people that may not have frequented them before.

ALDI, Walmart, and other like stores
ALDI, Walmart, and other like stores have established certain hours each day for senior citizens and vulnerable customers to do their shopping. Kroger has taken their marketing ploy in another direction, by advertising how they are taking care of their employees by extending their guidelines for emergency leave and issuing bonuses for both full time and part-time employees. They didn’t forget about their customers, though. They have eliminated their curbside pickup fee of $5.00, so you don’t have to get out of your car during this uncertain time.


Wrapping Up

No doubt about it, the world is going through some challenging times, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t flourish and grow. Take a different and new approach. Don’t pull back on your marketing efforts. In these critical times, you need to be compassionate and empathetic, let your customer base know you’re in this with them to help them. Let GoMarketing work with you in finding the insight that will make this time a time for growth and memories. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals at GoMarketing to answer any and all questions concerning your digital marketing strategy during and after Coronavirus: 805-413-7893!

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