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There are five necessities human beings need to survive and thrive: oxygen, water, food, shelter, and sleep. And since you cater to one of them, your services are indeed in high demand.

The US roofing industry has a $45.9 billion market size and encompasses over 100,000 businesses with more than 260,000 workers. And while referrals, radio ads, and print media were enough to drive sales to a roofing business, the internet has incredibly changed consumer behavior.

Think with Google reveals that over 63% of shopping experience start online, and a whopping 84% of Americans are shopping for something in a two-day period. That is why it is imperative to build a robust online presence for your roofing company. And by offering impeccable customer experiences throughout a buyer’s journey, you increase your sale opportunities. Digital Marketing Agency for roofing companies can help you achieve these objectives.

With the right high-converting marketing campaigns and strategies, GoMarketing provides digital marketing services for Roofing companies to get more clients and service calls for your business.

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Roofing company.

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Digital Marketing Agency for Roofing Companies

Digital marketing is about promoting your products or services using the internet and web-based technologies like smartphones, desktop computers, and other digital media and platforms. You place your brand in the right places, so customers find you, rather than you chasing after them.

Whereas you may desire to ignite your brand growth, you may not have the time, experience, or resources to harvest the full potential digital marketing holds for your roofing company. As a top roofing marketing agency, GoMarketing Inc can offload the marketing burdens off your shoulders. We can help you drive results with online marketing and free up the time and energy you need to focus on other essential matters in your life and business.

Our focus is to increase your online presence and drive hot leads to your business. Not only that, but also implement tested and approved conversion optimization tactics to nurture your leads down the sales funnel until they become paying and loyal customers.

Contact us now if you are ready to build winning marketing strategies for your business. Else, please keep reading to learn more about our online marketing services for roofing contractors.

Digital Marketing Agency for Roofing Contractors

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Roofing Company.

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Attract More Leads With SEO For Roofing Contractors

Our Digital Marketing Services for Roofing Companies

As mentioned above, hiring a digital marketing service for a cleaning company is one of the excellent ways to speed up your business growth. It helps you increase business growth and saves you a great deal of money and time. The digital marketing pro conducts an in-depth evaluation and gives solutions to boost traffic on your website.

GoMarketing is the renowned name for Home Services Marketing to provide result-oriented digital marketing campaigns for service-based businesses like cleaning. Take a look at the digital marketing services that can help your cleaning company expand and improve your web presence.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

There are thousands of monthly searches for the terms like roofing company near me, licensed roofing contractors near me, local roof repairs, and other phrases related to roofing services in the US.

If your site does not rank on the first results page for such keywords, you undoubtedly miss massive traffic and leads. This is because half of the total website traffic originates from organic search. On top of that, 75% of searchers do not scroll beyond the first page of search results, with the second page receiving only 6% of the total website visits. The potential of search engine optimization is manifested here.

SEO is the umbrella term for the efforts geared towards improving your rankings on Google.

At the heart of SEO is highly relevant keywords- words and phrases your ideal customers use when looking for roofing companies like yours online. GoMarketing's SEO professionals can help find long-tail keywords that will drive the most traffic to your roofing website and create content around these terms to boost your ranking on search engines.

We also optimize your URLs, meta descriptions, and headers with relevant keywords, so Google understands and rank your website accordingly. Drop us a line here for roofer SEO strategies that will keep you ahead of the competition and attract the customers you want.

Web Design & Development

Ninety-four percent of your brand's first impressions are related to your website's design. Usually the first point of contact for prospective customers, your website is more than an online brochure. It serves as your 24/7 salesperson that can offer visitors the information they need at any time.

But putting your contact information or list of your services on your website is not enough to attract customers you want and convert traffic into sales. You need a web design that inspires your visitors to take your desired actions.

By working with GoMarketing's web designers, developers, and SEO specialists, you stand out from the pack and get the competitive advantage of winning more business for your roofing company. We know that your potential customers expect your website to load quickly, be easily navigable, and offer them the information they need in the most straightforward manner possible. As such, you get a beautifully designed, ADA-compliant website with exciting, interactive, and relatable content that seamlessly guides your visitors through the steps you want them to take.

Understanding that over 50% of online sales are mobile eCommerce-related, our team builds you a website that offers customers impeccable mobile device experiences.

Along with the above, we secure your website with an SSL certificate, so your visitors feel comfortable surfing it and sharing their details when filling in your online forms. Call us today at 805-413-7893 for a roofing website that matches your preferences and business needs.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click(PPC) is a highly controllable advertising channel where you pay purely for clicks on your ads- and not for ad placements or impressions. PPC ads appear above organic search results.

However, you may wonder why you need PPC advertising services even if your site ranks in search results. Note that searchers click on the first result they believe will offer them the most help. Still, your competitors are doing everything possible to outrank you. Delivering almost immediate results, PPC is a unique way to take your brand on top of organic search results, right in front of people actively seeking services like yours. Speaking of numbers, PPC advertising for roofers often drives 50% more purchases than organic channels.

In pay per click, you start with building a refined list of high-intent keywords for your campaigns. This requires you to conduct thorough research using keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Next, you bid for your ads' placements, setting the maximum amount you are comfortable paying for each click on your ad. You then pick placement for your ads, which are locations where your ads can appear on Google Display Network or YouTube. Eventually, you launch your PPC campaigns. It is essential to monitor your campaigns regularly, making data-driven decisions that optimize results.

GoMarketing's PPC professionals are experienced in creating pay per click campaigns using compelling ad copies. We also craft engaging landing pages aligned with your ad copies and optimized to convert those clicks into purchases. Call us today at 805-413-7893 for PPC plans that capture clients for your roofing company.

Email Marketing

Not every website visitor will book your roofing services on their first visit. Some even take weeks and months to take that single action your so much desire. Email marketing for roofers is among the best ways to keep your brand on top of these leads' minds. Besides, it is a highly profitable marketing channel, offering marketers a fantastic ROI of 4200%.

The genesis of an email marketing strategy is email subscription. But you will want to avoid buying email lists at all costs. It is unethical. Besides, you get contacts mostly not interested in your services, making your email marketing efforts wasteful. Instead, use in-line or pop-up forms with compelling copy and design to encourage your website visitors to sign up for your newsletters.

Whereas your email busts may help a section of your contacts, they will often leave a majority of other users confused. That is why you should segregate your contacts based on what you know about each user. This helps you send personalized messages that best resonates with your subscribers, increasing open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

As a trusted roofing marketing agency, GoMarketing's email marketing specialists can help you grow conversions and sales with emails that offer real value to your leads and customers.

Social Media Marketing

There about 3.61 billion social media users worldwide, and Statista projects the figure to increase to approximately 4.4 billion in 2025. On top of that, almost 80% of Americans have a social media profile, and businesses are increasingly harnessing this market potential.

There is incredible value to having social media pages promoting your roofing services. Social media gives you an additional channel to grow your online presence, allowing you to put your brand in front of a broader audience.

There are several social media ideas you can leverage to fuel conversations and engagements in your social profiles. Post "before and after" images of projects you have completed recently to showcase your abilities and why your prospects should hire your services. Team photos show potential customers the faces behind your excellent roofing services.

You can also run small contests to engage with your social community genuinely and foster word-of-mouth referrals. Another genius way to connect with your followers is by sharing local news and promoting local events.

The ability to generate instant and consistent leads is a huge plus for social media advertising. Here, you use exciting offers to engage ideal customers on social platforms where they are most accessible and more likely to engage with adverts.

Do you want to build credibility, trust, and strong brand-consumer relationships with social media marketing for roofers? Drop us a line here.

Online Reputation Management

Most homeowners have dealt with or heard stories about roofing contractors who overpromise but under-deliver. Still, booking an appointment with a particular roofing company is a big decision for any consumer.

For the above reasons, consumers need assurance that they are hiring the best services. That is why they peruse Yelp, Angie's List, BBB, and Google My Business reviews to differentiate the good and the bad. In line with that fact, 94% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Not only do strong reviews increase trust and credibility for your business, but they also boost your SEO. For example, your business can consistently feature in the coveted Google's Local Pack for localized searches.

Contact us online for competent reputation management services that make it effortless to tap into the goldmine held by your current and existing customers.

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Long-Form vs. Short-Form Articles, Which is Better?

Generally, long-form content is better for search and gives your blog more content needed to establish your expertise and authority. In contrast, short-form posts are most suitable for social media channels where people have a short attention span.

Why Choose GoMarketing for Roofing Marketing Services?

  • You partner with an agency with 15 years of experience in online marketing for home service contractors like you.
  • You get marketing solutions tailored to your unique business needs to maximize lead and revenue generation.
  • You work with a dedicated team dedicated to building powerful marketing campaigns that capture hot leads and drive sales for your roofing company.
  • We treat you as a partner, caring for your business as you do.
  • You receive regular, transparent, and easy-to-understand reports that offer in-depth insights into what we are doing, why we are doing it, and our next course of action.

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Roofing company.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing for Roofing Companies

Digital marketing allows you to place your roofing services where most of your prospects often search for services like yours- the web.

You are no longer limited to geographical locations and expensive traditional marketing channels. You save money and simultaneously drive more leads to your business by placing your brand in front of the right people using the right messages.

Online marketing is typically more affordable than traditional offline techniques such as print advertising and direct mail. However, digital marketing costs for roofing companies vary substantially, depending on business size, marketing objectives, budget, and timeline.

Most roofing contractors can benefit incredibly from web design, search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising. Additional solutions that will be best for your roofing business will depend on your services, marketing goals, and budget.

This question has been subject to endless speculations because Google does not reveal their ideal ranking factors. The factors could be in hundreds, but experts agree that authority and relevance are the two most essential elements for organic listings. At GoMarketing, we create the most thorough web pages possible for your ideal keywords and topics to drive your web pages up the ranking ladder.

Content marketing remains the cornerstone of online marketing. But you must create engaging, relevant, and informative content that resonates with your audience and increases your link building opportunities. Among the best content ideas for roofing contractors include:

  • How-to guides: Offer guides on how to maintain roofs, perform small DIY projects, minimize roof damage, etc.
  • FAQ blogs: They attract a lot of traffic and allows your website to feature in Google’s featured snippets.
  • Bios of your crew members: It is a way to establish human connections between your customers and your business.
  • Roofing equipment, tool, and product reviews: They are great for converting visitors with high commercial intent.
  • Customer success stories: Showcase your services’ value using “before and after” images of your completed projects.
  • Customer testimonials in web pages, social posts, and blog posts: They help build trust and credibility for your business.

Build Powerful Roofing Marketing Campaigns with a Trusted Digital Marketing Agency

Do you desire to elevate your online presence and revenues for your roofing company? Get started today with GoMarketing. Let us build powerful online marketing strategies that increase your brand awareness and drive clients to your business. Call us today at 805-413-7893 or contact us online for a free quote or more information about our marketing services for roofing contractors.

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