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About Robert Abbasi

Robert Abbasi is an illustrious name in the real estate industry. He is the CEO and founder of RTI Properties and has been part of the industry for more than 40 years. The renowned chairperson and leading entrepreneur doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to listing the multi-faceted individuals who earned a great reputation in the world of real estate.

As one of the most distinguished and prominent figures in the real estate industry, Robert Abbasi has tons of accolades, making him a pioneer in the business world. His company is one of the nationally diversified firms in the USA that deals with buying, managing, and selling a variety of properties. The real estate firm affiliates and manages many storage properties, retail, offices, and hotels.

Robert Abbasi is known for his extensive work experience and achievements not only in real estate but the popular figure has been associated with plenty of formal communities and projects as a board member, speaker, and panelist.

Abbasi is a competent veteran who specializes in the property business, analytics, and techniques. Brought up in California, he is a qualified person in the relevant field including management, finance, and economics.

It was Robert Abbasi’s commitment and immense passion for property business that led him to join a leading firm in Los Angeles as an investment evaluator. His dedication to this dream job and willingness to broaden her career horizon motivated him to leap. Soon he started his own company and expanded it into a large enterprise.

Robert Abbasi | Biography, Education, Business, & Facts

Educational Qualification

Robert Abbasi’s interest in property investment gives him a sophisticated grasp of the real estate world. He earned adequate expertise in real estate business techniques to broaden his creative horizon. The skilled CEO of RTI Properties studied at the University of Southern California to get a Masters in Business Administration Degree.

Robert Abbasi also earned his graduation degree in Economics from the University of Southern California. He has been a hardworking and competent student throughout his academic career and passed with distinguished honors.

Robert Abbasi was not only a shining star in studies but also an active and enthusiastic member of various reputed societies in USC. He joined the Society of Phi Beta Kappa National Honors when he was doing his graduation and was certified magna cum laude.

Professional Journey

Robert Abbasi has always been a work enthusiast. He started his professional career with a well-known firm in Los Angeles and served three years as a senior investment consultant. His first job has been a turning point of his career as he got the opportunity to work with leading associates from real estate.

He also assessed tons of investment proposals from different marketers that added to his professional experience in the industry.

After spending three years in the leading Los Angeles firm, Robert Abbasi laid the foundation of his own company, RTI Properties, in 1986. He was able to complete billions of dollars of projects during the infancy phase of his business. It diversified Robert Abbasi’s personal and professional portfolio to a great extent.

The firm initially only invested in apartment complexes in Los Angeles County. Over years, the company became one of the most reliable firms in the USA. Robert Abbasi not only turned the company into a nationally recognized real estate firm but also divided it into multiple classes and assets.

With more than 40 years into the company, Abbasi grew as a wiser, experienced, and knowledgeable entrepreneur in the real estate industry. His immense wisdom, smart strategies, and passion to explore practical tactics in real estate set him apart from the competitors.

Robert Abbasi's Professional Journey

Abbasi has gained a lot of his professional experience from other domains he had been a part of throughout his career. He worked as a Bank Board Director and served ALCO and Loan committees. Working with directors and associates from different industries helped Abbasi deepen his understanding of the professional world. Robert Abbasi is also a respected and eminent instructor for new inventors and startup owners.

He secured himself a position of community panelist, a senior advisor, and confidant in many institutions. He has vast experience of working with seasoned investors brokers, lenders, and property managers. Many internationally recognized firms and global communities invite Abbasi to share his experience and learning with amateur real estate owners.

Robert Abbasi is popular for his discreet personality and leadership style when it comes to educating and guiding young professionals.

Robert Abbasi with Team

Interests & Hobbies


Nature has always been an exciting phenomenon for Robert Abbasi. He is a great swimmer and has a passion to swim in oceans. He thinks swimming is an amazing way to keep your body active and working without exhaustion.


Robert Abbasi is a true fitness enthusiast to say the least. He likes to maintain his health both physically and mentally. He ensures that his diet is healthy and nutritious by taking balanced meals and supplements. He is fond of plant-based meals but is not entirely vegetarian. Robert Abbasi believes taking small yet essential steps is important to thrive and stay healthy.


Robert Abbasi has always been interested in investing. He loves taking up challenges related to investments and believes in risk-rewards to grow the assets. Robert Abbasi’s professional career is full of examples where he has taken successful calculated risks. The renowned businessman is always ready for the upcoming challenges in life and knows how to make profitable strategic investments to expand his company’s success graph.

Family Activities

Family is as important as work for Robert Abbasi. He is a true family man and takes great pleasure in spending quality time with his children, friends, and extended family. According to him, having emotional bonding and a healthy relationship with family also improves your productivity in work and keeps you motivated. The family man makes sure to take out some time to go on family trips and enjoy his time.

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