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Peace of Mind and the Thrill of Success, are what they mean. Peace of Mind comes from knowing that you have hired and partnered with a Marketing Firm that has invested it’s time and energy to really understand your business and takes decisive action to meet your goals.The Thrill of Success is our ultimate goal with you. We have a vested and emotional interest in seeing your response to the success we bring to you. We want you to thrive! It’s our ultimate job satisfaction.

Internet Marketing is a broad category encompassing many marketing programs and SEO & Lead Generation solutions. These programs and solutions are presented on this page and include SEO, Local Business Marketing, Web Development for Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Application Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Blog Marketing, and Branding.


SEO & Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: (SEO) is a process of employing various techniques and creative skills to vastly improve your website’s organic search engine placement and exposure to your target audience and market. These techniques include market/customer keyword research, unique content creation, user-friendly design and interface, responsive development, and Meta tag optimization.

Link Building & Management

Link Building is a difficult and time-consuming program, but worth every minute. Generating a follow link from a highly rated website to your website builds your online clout. Google values a site that is respected in its ‘community’ online. Linking to your site, and returning the link builds this online community and your power in it. A truly complex but valued program.

Local Business Marketing

Many Local Businesses require very localized Google/Bing/Yahoo and other search engine and directory marketing. GoMarketing Will focus your marketing to your actual market, saving you time and marketing costs while optimizing local SEO & Lead Generation and sales, a true win-win scenario for our Local Business Clients.

Content Marketing

‘Content is King,’ is truest online marketing catch phrase that was ever uttered in the online marketing world. Google puts the greatest ranking value for a website on the quality of its unique content. GoMarketing will work with your provided written and photo/video content to highlight your site and generate higher online rankings. If you don’t have content, we’ll create it for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has grown into a complex group of Social Marketing programs as an integral part of a fully envisioned online marketing plan. Social Marketing integration across platforms, including your website and blog, is required to create and maintain both a powerful online brand and a cohesive overall marketing campaign.


Blogs are a powerful tool for businesses to get recognition and grow online. A strong blog will greatly enhance your online exposure and reputation. GoMarketing can setup and maintain your blog for greater Search Engine placement and for greater exposure on Social Media. In some cases, we provide the blog content for our Clients as well to help them grow.

Paid Media Lead Generation

Pay Per Click Advertising

GoMarketing is a certified ‘Google Partner.’ To become certified, we were trained by Google and passed all the certification test required to be labeled a ‘Partner.’ We also have a long track record of active Google advertising, meeting Google’s requirements for advertising budgets managed and leads generated. We are certified in all of Google’s Advertising products and methods.

Facebook Advertising

GoMarketing generates hundreds of Facebook leads every day for our valued Clients enlisted in our Facebook Advertising programs. We design, create and optimize all of Facebook’s advertising programs including the popular lead generation and branding programs. We are experts in Facebook target marketing and landing page design and creation for our Clients.

Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way to announce good news to your target market. We write, design, develop, target and release your Press Releases for you. Reasons for a Press Release include New Products and Services, Sales, Mergers, New Employees, Awards, Site Launches and more. Press Releases also generate links back to your website for better SEO and online exposure.

Creative SEO & Lead Generation

Custom Business Videos

Video Marketing has been important ever since Google bought You Tube! From video scripting and design to managing the shoots and deliverables; GoMarketing knows the power of videos. Once completed we leverage that video content for maximum impact and marketing power on YouTube, your website, blog and all your social media.

Online Branding

Online Branding Clients either need to follow their traditional brand online or they ask us to create their online brand. Correct branding can establish trust and other qualities with your company. We have helped companies as large as MetLife Insurance to brand their agent products online and worked with Plumbers and HVAC to establish their online brands from scratch.

Website Design

Proper Website Design for businesses requires the Designer to understand the Client’s goals, products or services, and the Client’s target audience. Once both the Designer and Client are on the same page, a successful result is a balance between beautiful esthetics, an easy to understand and navigate interface, and strong calls to action (SEO & lead generation).


Software Development

Software Development is usually a very complex endeavor. Original specifications can often change during a development program. It’s just the nature of creating something new. GoMarketing will work with you from day one to understand your needs. At times it is better for a Client to us or modifiesexisting software. Sometimes it is better to create your own. We are there to consult with you and guide your most successful course of action.

Applications Design

Application creation and marketing requires a unique set of skills. GoMarketing will work with you from concept to launch to marketing. Whether you need a stand-alone application as your key business presence or you are looking for a new application to complement your website and offerings, GoMarketing can help you to realize your application dreams.

Website Development

Website Development must follow the latest industry best practices for the sake of the Client’s long-term success. The site’s platforms, content management systems, security, plug-ins, e-commerce systems (in some cases),and hosting package must all be considered best in class with strong track records of reliability and upgradability. The site must be SEO-friendly with robust reporting features as well.

Other Services Include

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is incredibly important for a good percentage of our Professional, Business and Corporate Clients. In these days of unsubstantiated social media and dubious mainstream media, a company or person can have their good reputation ruined in days if not moments. GoMarketing will work with you to maintain or improve your good reputation


E-Commerce is putting your business on the line, on the online line! Building an E-Commerce system needs to be approached intelligently and skillfully. Professional E-Commence builds your entire store online from front door entrance, to browsing, to learning, to purchase and creating repeat sales. GoMarketing does E-Commerce the right way. What could be more important?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing becomes more and more important as millions leave desktop and laptops behind and search from their smartphones on the fly. GoMarketing understands the mobile space and what is needed to win on this hottest of device platforms. All our Client sites are fully mobile responsive and optimized for SEO, response speed, and fast user engagement.
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