Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation

Attract More Potential Buyers and Sellers

Since eighty percent of home buyers are now searching for their dream house online, it’s imperative that your real estate lead generation strategy incorporates digital tactics. Not only this, but eighty-eight percent of first-time buyers still rely on agents to navigate the home buying process. Meeting these demands will involve sharing your brand story with a digital audience in addition to your latest listings. From the get-go, GoMarketing crafts a unique real estate marketing plan just for you. We offer SEO services, keyword research, website design, and content creation to agents specializing in the following areas (and more):

Residential Commercial Industrial Rural Land Shares
Property Management Co-Ops Leasing Timeshares
Planned Unit Developments Condominiums Investments Apartment Buildings
Manufactured Housing Communities Special-Purpose Housing Hotels & Resorts Extended-Stay
Mobile Homes Mortgage Loans Appraisal Buyer Brokerage

Appeal To Your Locale

As lead generation becomes more and more digital, your real estate business will need to implement a marketing strategy using targeted keywords and relevant content that engages users while still adding that personal touch that makes your brand unique. Our real estate marketing managers at GoMarketing utilize the latest in keyword research to optimize your web content for search engines and social media while also dialing in on your exact geo-target markets to help your business rank for prime first page placement on Google’s local search results.

Real Estate Marketing - Appeal To Your Locale

Stand Out From The Crowd

With an onslaught of digital content to scroll through on mobile devices, your real estate business will need to captivate potential buyers or sellers. Providing high-quality images or video tours of your listings is the mere baseline for impressing your online audience. You will also need to share aspects of your brand story and values via web pages or savvy social media posts and ads, so people online can put a face to the agent and feel a sense of trust. GoMarketing works closely with you and your team, discussing what makes your real estate business unique from competitors, as this will be the key to success for an ongoing digital marketing strategy. When developing content, we go above and beyond to translate your particular company culture and values to new and existing clients online. To better tell your brand story, ask yourself the following–is your real estate venture:

  • Family-Owned?
  • Established For 10 Years Or Longer?
  • New and Innovative?
  • Available In Multiple Cities?
  • Specialized In Unique Services?
  • Offering More Services Than Competitors?
  • All Of The Above?

Let’s Talk Goals

For any real estate marketing strategy, it’s crucial to develop short-term and long-term goals for your online lead generation and digital marketing assets. Perhaps you already have some ideas about how to reach emerging audiences and turn them into clients. Even if you’re unclear about the potential for your digital marketing plan, our team at GoMarketing sits down with you to map out solid KPI’s that will ultimately increase your online marketing ROI. We specialize in creating fool proof marketing strategies tailored completely to you and backed by data-driven results, so you can keep doing what you do best–selling and meeting clients face-to-face.

Real Estate Marketing-Let’s Talk Goals

Upgrade Your Virtual Office

The days of simply standing out with a real estate office in the hub of your neighborhood are over. With smartphone savvy Millennials flocking to the real estate market (and Generation Y to follow), your business’ bustling online presence is your new office. At GoMarketing, we strongly believe that your real estate business ought to have its own up-to-date website that’s user-friendly for brand new and returning clients alike. Our team of real estate marketing professionals employ the latest in website tools and trends while also researching keywords to optimize your website for Google searches.

We work closely with you to either build an entirely new website or even just modify your existing web pages according to current best practices. With a revamped website that incorporates widgets, potential buyers and sellers can contact your business with ease, turning leads into bonafide clients faster. Here are just a few examples of current web techniques our team embeds onto your real estate website:

  • Strong Call-To-Actions and Buttons
  • Instant Calling Via Mobile Device and Desktop
  • Chat Bots
  • Digital Information Forms

Real Estate Marketing-Upgrade Your Virtual Office

Keep It Fresh With Content

Part of establishing trust among buyers and sellers in the modern real estate market will involve developing streams of content that remain useful and relevant to online audiences. Don’t be afraid to get personal or share the causes you support with users or followers–this sort of interaction increases engagement and exposure to your brand on top of establishing your real estate business as trustworthy. GoMarketing works diligently to refine your overall marketing message while optimizing your content with keywords so that it remains easily accessible and favorable on search engines.

Real Estate Marketing-Keep It Fresh With Content

We Leverage Your Links

Give your marketing initiatives a little extra push with a monthly link earning program. At GoMarketing, our team of experts negotiate your website and content links to other major sites within the real estate industry–because the more sites that link back to you, the more ranking authority your domain has to search bots. This tried and true approach to digital marketing gives your real estate company a competitive edge combined with your ongoing online marketing campaigns, expanding the list of keywords your business ranks for overall.

Generate more leads and close more deals with a digital marketing plan tailored to your current efforts and goals. At GoMarketing, our real estate marketing professionals are invested in your online equity. For additional information concerning our strategies and services, please contact us directly at 805-413-7893 today.

Real Estate Marketing-We Leverage Your Links

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