Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process of modifying a website and it’s content to drive more visitors to your website from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, among others. GoMarketing is an expert at identifying your target market and visitors and leading those to your website.

Once a visitor reaches your website we make sure they are satisfied with what they find! We will write compelling content and display your value to them. This will build a smooth transition so they can purchase your products or services online, set an appointment or contact you to learn more! This all starts with a powerful ongoing SEO program!

Online Advertising – ‘PPC’

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a powerful way to quickly build traffic, leads and ultimately sales from or on your website! GoMarketing has over twelve years of expert level online advertising experience with all search engines including Google, Facebook and YouTube. With over 30 online advertising programs at our fingertips, we can tailor design and build impactful advertising programs that work!

GoMarketing is recognized Certified Google Partner due to its long track record of successful advertising on Google and passing all certifications past and present. With so many varied advertising programs and techniques across many platforms, you need a Certified Google Partner and Facebook Advertising expert to work for you. We will design, build and continually monitor and update the right programs for you and your company to succeed!

Local Search Marketing

Is your company local? Does it seek Clients or Customers in a certain area(s)? If so, why are you paying to market to the whole world on Google? Why become a small fish in a big pond when you can become the big fish in YOUR Pond? The answer is: Local Marketing. With over 10 years in Local Marketing expertise, GoMarketing is your local marketing expert to design, build, launch and constantly update your local search engine and social media marketing campaigns and programs

By targeting your specific geographic market we can build a powerful presence online FASTER and for LESS MONEY than a Non-Local marketing program would do. In addition, GoMarketing can work with you to adjust our ongoing programs to meet seasonal needs as well as new services/products launches. Go Strong and Go Local with GoMarketing!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is huge! Over 80% of online Americans use social media. Worldwide over 1 Billion people are on Social Media, the most affluent people in the world. Can you afford to not have your company, product and services not in front of them? No! You MUST have a presence on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Linkedin.

GoMarketing has experienced Social Media Marketers that will study your business needs and tailor fit a social media footprint and optionally, an advertising program, to make you a success! From designing your profiles, building your content, connecting with prospects, to full blown advertising campaigns, we can provide your keys to powerful relevance on Social Media.

Content Creation

Content is King! Having great content on your site is critical for success. Proper, well written content will satisfy Goggle’s requirements for strong unique content for great rankings on the search engines. Also, once a Visitor comes to your site, your site must deliver on its promise and provide content that builds their interest and creates a need in them to either buy your products or services right then, set an appointment to learn more, or contact you right away.

High quality, keyword appropriate content is the key to online strength. Creating proper content is no easy task. Our Clients rarely have the time or inclination to do so. No worries! GoMarketing’s services are centered around writing, optimizing and delivering quality fresh content on your website month in and month out to continually build your online presence.

Link Building

Often forgotten and misunderstood, Link Building programs are the second most powerful influence on online marketing success, just behind Content Marketing. Google and others highly value that other sites link to your website. The more proper and appropriate links you have directing people to your website, the more respect your site will have from Google, and the higher your site will rank. It may sound simple, but it certainly is not. GoMarketing knows how to navigate these waters professionally.

GoMarketing has Link Building Specialists that reach out and negotiate proper links to and, in some cases, from your website. We will speak with the representatives of powerful websites if it makes sense to generate a link from them to your website. This process takes time but the fruits of our labor will show in higher rankings, traffic, leads and sales for YOU, our valued Client.

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Your Home and Auto Insurance Provider!

MetLife, Inc. is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs, serving 90 million customers. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. more

ONLINE BRANDING - MetLife branding for microsites, videos, press releases, email marketing and blogs.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Keyword analysis, top competitor evaluations, SEO per product, optimized microsites, etc.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - Developing Designs. Evolving user interface, designs, and features per feedback ongoing.

OPTIMIZED PRESS RELEASES - Press releases targeting potential customers, high rate of traffic back to site

tom james
365 DAYS TO 60

Meeting our one year's goals in just 60 days for the world's finest clothing company is one of our proudest achievements.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - UI Redesign to immeasurably raise the level of quality, style, and functionality of site.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Best Practices for SEO, new 09/10 Google SEO priorities, timed SEO press releases, etc

OPTIMIZED PRESS RELEASES - New season press releases with heavy click traffic & site conversion rates

E-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENT - Simplified checkout procedure, integrated email marketing to purchases, etc.

Fast-Acting Marketing for the Fastest Growing Sport!

Revgear designs and builds equipment and apparel for martial arts, including the exploding Mixed Martial Arts world. With competition growing daily fighting for customers, GOMarketing had to act fast! We opened with a One, Two Punch! more

ONLINE BRANDING - Revgear branding for microsites, videos, press releases, email marketing and blogs; style guides

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Keyword analysis, top competitor evaluations, SEO per product, optimized microsites, etc

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - UI feedback, examples, design consultation

SOCIAL NETWORKING - Facebook consulting, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube creation, management, social widget integration, etc.

Never Promise a $1,200,000 return in 60 days, but if it happens...

Let somebody know it! After building an extremely comprehensive technical keyword list and intelligently adding them to this defense and aerospace industry leader's website, we helped them strike gold quickly, then the hard work began… read more

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - Style guide for website/brand cohesiveness, up-to-date designs, ease of checkout UI design, etc.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Best Practices for SEO, new 09/10 Google SEO priorities, timed SEO press releases, etc

OPTIMIZED PRESS RELEASES - Press releases targeting potential customers, high rate of traffic back to site.

CUSTOM VIDEOS - Create optimized videos for search engines; distribution over sixty online video outlets; high rate of traffic back to site

CASE STUDIES: Gitman Brothers
Gitman Brothers
America's Last Great Shirtmakers become an "Overnight Success", after over 60 years.

Since 1948 Gitman Brothers have created the highest quality custom and customized shirts in Ashland, Pennsylvania. The problem was their website and online presence (what little there was) reflected none of this. That's all been changed. …read more

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - Modernizing site feel while staying true to brand; from brochure to highly functional E-Commerce site

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Best Practices for SEO, new 09/10 Google SEO priorities, timed SEO press releases, etc

E-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENT - Built around purpose driven E-Commerce platform; integrated email marketing, simplified checkout pages

PRESS RELEASES - Optimized and planned press releases for 2010; Highlight new seasonal products to drive sales

ALSGlobal said, "If GOMarketing delivers, we'll increase our budget with you."

True to their words, Alan Weiss and American Language Services have increased their marketing budget with GOMarketing 700% and counting! Generating more and more leads (and revenue!) for their Translating, Interpreting and Transcribing professionals worldwide, guarantees an ever growing relationship …read more

PAY PER CLICK - managed multiple nationwide and local campaigns and ad groups always within budget

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - consistent logos and color scheme branding for website cohesiveness, up to date design, simplified request form functionalities

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Best Practices for SEO, new 09/10 Google SEO priorities, timed SEO press releases, etc

LOCAL BUSINESS MARKETING - optimized listings for office locations nationside submitted to several search engines, geo targeted keywords

  • “My website is getting more viewings and visits, thanks to GOMarketing, many thanks!  I even had a couple of feedback forms! I feel great about it. I look forward to better business because of this.”
    Brian Paul
    Corazon Del Cielo
  • “Our company site now has over 20,000 unique visitors per month that are looking to buy or sell a home in the San Fernando Valley. Our continued presence on the first page of Google has made all the difference for our agents. This positioning also helps our image as a serious player in the real estate community.”
    Joe Alexander
    Park Regency
  • “The staff at GOMarketing has done a fantastic job. The leads from our website increased drastically since the start of their marketing program! There was also a major jump in visits and page views to our website. Our website business has helped greatly in 2007’s slower real estate market.”
    Linda McQuaw
    Coldwell Banker Vista
  • “We offer Trust Deed Investment solutions for homeowners. GOMarketing started our program just four months ago and already we are on the top of the search engines. Just this week we got a call on our website with a perfect Client for our services and are negotiating his $2 Million Malibu home right now. We are believers in the GOMarketing system.”
    Mark Nadel
    CATD Investments
  • “We have seen many more keywords on the first page of Google, MSN and Yahoo, all in a very short time! Our total visits have doubled in only four months. We are very happy with the work and professionalism of GOMarketing and their staff!”
    Adolf Cheung
  • “We more than doubled our web site visitors and sales in 6 months after working with GOMarketing. Their team is efficient and readily available to answer questions and review metrics. Their recommendations for social marketing have not only enhanced our presence across web channels, but increased awareness for our brand.”
    Shelley Goldstein
    Revgear Sports
  • “I would like to express my thanks and satisfaction for the Internet marketing efforts of your team. Your organization has helped push ALS in the right direction. We have made major improvements on our Web site with the look, feel, functionality as well as the SEO aspect of the content..."
    Alan Weiss
    American Language Services