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The latest statistics from Google reveal that over 30% of patients use Google to compare several healthcare providers while 50% use it to find general information about particular healthcare providers. And let us not forget that 7% of queries performed on Google daily are health-related. But publishing a few social posts is not enough to fully tap into the market potential the web holds for your business. You need an interactive and user-friendly healthcare website that continually drives high-intent visitors to your business and converts most of these visitors into paying customers. Enter healthcare and hospitals website design.

A well-designed healthcare website is more than an online brochure. It is your 24/7 sales representative that offers patients the information they want and an effective way to contact your business. We, therefore, cannot emphasize enough the need for a consumer-centered website for healthcare and hospitals.

Serving multiple clients in the healthcare industry for the last thirteen years, GoMarketing Inc thrives in building attractive and interactive websites highly optimized for the target audience, mobile devices and, search engines. And most importantly, you get a website built to your preferences and business goals & needs.

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HealthCare Web Design SEO Services

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Why Healthcare Providers and Hospitals Need a Good Website Design

While acting as your 24/7 sales representative, your website often presents the first impression of your healthcare organization. Talking of numbers, 94% of business’ first impressions are website design-related.

A website enables you to showcase your services and how they are transforming your customers’ lives. You can combine success stories and customer testimonials with adding trust and credibility to your organization. In fact, a whopping 94% of young adults aged between 18 and 24 years trust online reviews for healthcare providers as much as personal recommendations from friends and relatives.

Your website is also an excellent channel to demonstrate your expertise in the healthcare industry. With a website blog, you can expertly answer your patients’ commonly asked questions and offer other relevant information in your industry, including new medical findings, diet and weight management tips, and more. Doing so not only instills trust in your healthcare services but also increases your link-building opportunities. The more backlinks your website gains, the higher your domain authority grows, and the more traffic Google drives to your website.

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Healthcare Company.

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GoMarketing’s Healthcare and Hospitals Website Design Services

1. Custom Healthcare Website Design

At GoMarketing understands the critical role a superior website design plays in the growth of a healthcare organization. As such, our web designers and developers offer you a personalized website built to your preferences and business. We handle everything web design, providing you with a new website that generates high-intent traffic…and encourages more patients to book an appointment with your organization.

2. Healthcare Website Redesign

If your current healthcare website is not generating the service bookings you need to grow your business, consider a website redesign. From the latest website design statistics, most visitors form an opinion about a healthcare site within seconds. That means you have little time to impress prospective customers and encourage them to take your desired action.

With GoMarketing’s website redesign services, you can overhaul your site’s look, feel, user experience, and user interface to encourage more conversions.

3. Healthcare Website Maintenance

As a dedicated healthcare provider, you may not have the time and resources to regularly check if your website offers the user experience needed to convert visitors into paying customers.
With GoMarketing, healthcare website maintenance is hassle-free. You work with a reliable team of web designers, developers, and SEO specialists dedicated to keeping your website updated, fully functional, and your top lead and revenue magnet.

Contact us today if you are ready to let us take care of your website.

4. Web Copywriting

At the center and front of SEO, success is quality web content- it should entice and offer value. In fact, content marketing brings in 3 times more leads than traditional marketing methods. What’s more, content marketing is 62% cheaper than the latter.

GoMarketing brings a team of copywriters experienced in the healthcare industry and skilled enough to write compelling, user-focused, and SEO-optimized content for Google and your target audience. Content that resonates with your prospects and sets you apart as a trusted information resource in your industry.

Why Choose GoMarketing for Healthcare and Hospital Website Design Services?

Following are the benefits you accrue by choosing GoMarketing for healthcare website design:

      • Over 12 years of experience in designing top-performing websites for hundreds of healthcare providers and organizations
      • Full-suite healthcare website design solutions, including web design & development, website maintenance, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization
      • A passionate team of trained, certified and experienced web designers, web developers, and SEO specialists committed to building you a website that drives more bookings for your organization.
      • Unique web design customized to your preferences and brand

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Healthcare company.

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Healthcare Website Design FAQs

Healthcare and hospital website design costs vary significantly because each website is unique and needs different components. GoMarketing builds you custom websites tailored to your specifications and business needs, and goals.

Completing a website design for hospitals and healthcare providers takes varying durations depending on various factors, including goals, complexity, and functionality needs. On average, a simple 10 to 15 pages website takes between 4 and 6 weeks. However, complex websites can take more than three months.

Yes. We like our clients managing their website by themselves. We provide you with training sessions and materials to get you started. But you can purchase one of our website maintenance packages to have our specialists make regular updates to your website.

Key elements necessary to make your healthcare website successful include interactive and attractive design, search engine optimization, and website security. You also need to include trust signals such as contact information, certificate and license details, and an easy-to-use payment gateway.

It will depend on several variables, including competition in your niche, website strength, and optimization skills. But with a powerful SEO strategy, you should notice a rise in traffic in a few months. Expect to see a groundbreaking difference within 12 months.

5 Healthcare Website Design Elements to Drive More Patients and Keep them

Your customers want seamless access to their medical records. Therefore, there is no excuse why your website lacks a customer portal. Your customer portal should offer your patients the following features:

      • » Appointment scheduling
      • » Pre-visit forms
      • » Updated health/medical history
      • » Easy way of viewing bills and making payments, and
      • » Easy and secure way of communicating with you

Patients are impatient, and you have little time to convince them to book your services. To enhance trust and the likelihood of patients choosing you over your competitors, add the following authority builders to your home page:

      • » Links to your research papers and studies
      • » Industry awards and certifications
      • » Patients’ testimonials
      • » Industry associations
      • » Notable achievements

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