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When it comes to marketing a fire protection company, a lot has changed with the internet evolution. In the past, individuals looking for shopping inspiration had to ask a friend or travel to a local store. Today, however, 63% of shopping experiences start online.

A majority of individuals and businesses are indeed looking for fire protection services and products online. But how easily can they find your company? If you are struggling to make your business visible in the online marketplace, it will help to invest in fire protection companies’ digital marketing services.

With the right high-converting marketing campaigns and strategies, GoMarketing provides digital marketing services for fire protection to get more clients and service calls for your business.

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Fire Protection company.

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Digital Marketing Agency for Fire Protection Companies

Digital marketing is about promoting your products or services using the internet and web-based technologies like smartphones, desktop computers, and other digital media and platforms. You place your brand in the right places, so customers find you, rather than you chasing after them.

A leading digital marketing agency, GoMarketing can help ignite your lead and revenue growth with a variety of award-winning fire protection digital marketing services. Let us build a winning marketing strategy that maximizes your online visibility and distinguishes your company as the top choice for people looking for services/products like yours. Get started today by contacting us at 805-413-7893.

Otherwise, read on to learn how our digital marketing services for fire protection companies can transform your business.

Contact us now if you are ready to build winning marketing strategies for your business.

Digital Marketing Agency for Fire Protection Contractors

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With SEO For Fire Protection Contractors

Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Fire Protection Company.

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Attract More Leads With SEO For Fire Protection Contractors

Digital Marketing Services That Will Generate Leads for a Fire Protection Company

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

You are missing out on plenty of business if your site rarely ranks on the first page of organic listings. This is because 75% of individuals searching for fire protection companies online do not scroll beyond the first page results.

Search engine optimization helps optimize your website's visibility on search engines. It involves optimizing your content, headlines, meta descriptions, webpage URLs, and alt tags with highly relevant keywords. Thorough keyword research is vital to identify keywords highly relevant to your products, services, and business. Also included is refining your website structure and link building.

GoMarketing's fire protection SEO strategies are designed to attract the right customers to your business and remain relevant for several years to come. Drop us a message here to schedule a productive consultation with our SEO strategists.

Web Design and Development

Approximately 94% of your fire protection company's first impressions are web design-related. But also consider that a whopping 89% of your potential customers will bounce to a competitor's site if they cannot find easily navigate or find the information they want on your website.

50% of online searches for fire protection companies are performed on mobile devices, and most of your potential customers expect your site to load within three seconds. That is not enough, though- you should secure your website to ensure safe browsing and booking experiences and increase business legitimacy and credibility.

At GoMarketing, our web designers and developers consider your preferences and business needs to build you a custom, stunning website- optimized for search engines and visitors and designed to elevate your conversion rates.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Also known as paid search advertising, Pay-per-click advertising helps you target individuals where and when they are most likely looking for fire protection products and services like yours.

PPC advertising allows you to drive results almost immediately. The ads appear above the organic results, and you pay for each click on your ad.

PPC typically generates $2 for every invested dollar. But most importantly, this marketing model yields 50% more conversions than organic results.

Note that the top four ads account for a whopping 93.4% of the clicks. You must, therefore, get your PPC strategy right; otherwise, you waste precious time building non-performing campaigns.

A trusted fire protection digital marketing agency, GoMarketing brings PPC experts certified and experienced in building powerful PPC campaigns that capture prospects that are ready to buy your products or services. We build, execute, and optimize, so all you need to worry about is managing the new leads. Call us today at 805-413-7893.

Email Marketing

Most prospects do not convert on their first visit to your website. But with email marketing, you can keep your fire protection business on top-of-the-mind with these potential customers. Not only that, but it also nurtures them towards becoming paying and repeat customers.

When done right, email marketing can drive astronomical results for your fire protection company. Fifty-nine percent of individuals agree that email influences their buying decisions. It, therefore, comes as no massive surprise that this marketing strategy typically generates a fantastic 4200% ROI. This ranks it among the most cost-effective and conversion-rich online marketing techniques for fire protection companies.

GoMarketing offers you a personalized, highly targeted email marketing strategy that converts your subscriptions into sales and revenues. Kick-start this process by giving us a call at 805-413-7893.

Social Media Marketing

Fifty-four percent of social users use social media to find products. And a whopping 74% of customers who have experienced a positive interaction with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to family and friends.

The ticket to social media marketing success is growing a social community that matches your ideal customers' interests, behaviors, and demographics. And by developing engagement in your social media pages, you spur a stronger connection with your followers, increasing your chances of converting them into customers.

Partnering with GoMarketing for fire protection social media marketing, you ignite exciting conversations and cultivate meaningful relationships with your followers. The outcome is more brand awareness and business credibility. We can also customize highly focused social ads to your business needs and ideal customers to drive high-intent leads to your website.

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Why Choose GoMarketing for Fire Protection Company Marketing?

As your fire protection digital marketing agency, GoMarketing brings the following benefits to your business:

  • Proven results: We have driven over 1.05m leads for our clients in the past 12 years via award-winning digital marketing strategies. Check our case studies and see how we generate fantastic results for businesses like yours.
  • Custom marketing strategies: GoMarketing takes the time to study your business and listen to your preferences to build a personalized fire protection digital marketing strategy to reach these goals.
  • A dedicated team of marketing specialists: You get a complete team of marketing professionals committed to achieving more visibility, increased traffic, more conversions, and higher ROI for your business.
  • We are honest and ethical: At GoMarketing, we advocate for honesty and integrity. We do not believe in applying a one-size-fits-all solution nor selling a service you do not need. Our dedication is achieving your marketing goals ethically and honestly.
  • We keep up with the latest industry trends: We stay on top of your industry trends and align our online marketing strategies accordingly to keep you ahead of the game.

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Grow your business with GoMarketing, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Fire Protection company.

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Fire protection Digital Marketing Services FAQs

Digital marketing/online marketing is the umbrella term for all the marketing efforts delivered through digital channels, including websites, email, social media, and mobile apps. The role of online marketing is to help your fire protection company get found and noticed online, get leads and convert those leads into customers.

Most individuals and businesses now look for fire protection products and services online. Digital marketing helps you get ahead of the competition, reach these prospects, and convert them into your customers.

GoMarketing offers a broad range of digital marketing services for fire protection companies. They include (but are not limited to) web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, press releases, and reputation management.

At GoMarketing, we recommend web design & development, SEO, and PPC as the principal marketing services for fire protection companies. Additional solutions will be based on your business needs, goals, and budget.

A one-size-fits-all marketing package will not generate meaningful results for your unique fire protection business. You need a custom marketing plan whose cost will depend on your business size, marketing goals, budget, and timelines.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate Online Leads for Your Fire Protection Company

» Capture More Local Leads with Local SEO

Outranking the big guys in organic search results was virtually impossible. But the situation changed somewhere around 2014 when Google gave businesses a chance to compete for search rankings on a local level.

Today, 46% of Google searches are local, and over 70 percent of people who look for local businesses online are likely to visit a local store within 5 miles of their current location.

Optimize your website for local searches by incorporating long-tail, local keywords in your web content. For example, suppose you operate your business in Thousand Oaks. In that case, you will want to use keywords like Fire Protection Provider in Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Fire Protection Company, or Thousand Oaks Fore Sprinkler Installation.

Next, claim your Google My Business(GMB) listing. Optimize your GMB description with one or two keywords but avoid keyword stuffing. You also want to have professional images of your business to add a visual appeal to your profile. Ensure your NAP information (name, address, and contact) is consistent across your website and other areas of the web.

We highly recommend that you also claim and customize your business pages in other web directories like Angie’s List, Yelp, Foursquare, Better Business Bureau(BBB), and Nextdoor.

» Provide Value with Content Marketing

If you want to demonstrate your knowledge and grow your authority in the fire protection industry, you have little choice but to focus more on content marketing.

There exist several types of content marketing, including blog posts, case studies, eBooks, white papers, videos, etc. Regardless of the type you choose, create unique content that provides value to your target market- it should answer their question, offer them valuable insights, and guide them towards solving problems related to fire protection.

Use reliable keyword research tools to find relevant keywords and content ideas. You can also run brainstorming sessions with your team to determine unique topics. You also want to post content regularly to keep your brand on top of your targets’ minds. But always focus more on content quality over quantity.

» Drive More Qualified Leads with PPC Advertising

SEO takes time to rank your website on the first page of search engine results. But you can reverse the situation with PPC ads which you can see on the first page of Google results, within a couple of hours after launching your campaigns. But how does PPC for fire protection companies work?

Get started by finding the right keywords, especially the long-tail keywords (containing at least three words) to optimize results and lower your CPC. Consider that 67% of search queries consist of four words or more. You also want to add non-converting terms as negative keywords to prevent clicks from low-intent searches. This helps curb ad budget wastage.

Organize your PPC account with ad groups, which house one or more ads that share similar targets.

Search engines will often rely on your Ad group organization to determine which keywords your ads will appear for, what your ads say when running, and the landing pages to which visitors will be directed when they click on your ads. Create well-aligned ad groups for a higher quality score and lower ad costs.

Continued performance evaluation is critical to making data-backed and profitable adjustments to your ad campaigns.

» Impress and Build Trust with Fantastic Reviews

Whether your protection digital marketing strategies drive tens of leads to your business monthly or your website has great web content, potential customers will likely hesitate to work with you if you have poor or no online reviews.

Ninety-four percent of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. That is enough to compel you to reinvent your online review strategy.

Firstly, provide impeccable shopping and service experiences worth five-star reviews. If you have perfected this area but are yet to see recent reviews, counter the frustrations by asking for reviews. In fact, 77% of customers will be happy to leave an online review if requested. You can reach your past customers via emails, social media direct messages, over the phone, or even in person.

Go the extra mile to respond to all customer reviews. But it is also critical to learn how to deal with negative reviews professionally. Accept responsibility for the mistakes, be polite and professional, and handle the matter privately.

» Increase Engagements with Social Media Marketing

The need to post engaging content on multiple social media accounts daily can be intimidating. For this reason, several fire protection companies understandably refrain from social media. However, you cannot afford to overlook social media marketing in this era- it plays a vital role in brand awareness and revenue growth.

When dipping your toes into social media marketing for fire protection companies, get your goals right. Do you want to create a brand identity, raise brand awareness, grow community engagement, or increase website traffic?

Next, post frequently and offer truly valuable information that your potential customers will find interesting and helpful. Then, engage your followers in meaningful conversations by answering their questions and responding to their comments.

Finally, measure your social media marketing efforts with Analytics to determine working and underperforming strategies and content and take appropriate optimization steps.

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