Social Media Role in Healthcare Marketing

Today, over 70% of the US population own a social media account. It is projected that social media users in the US will grow to 257 million by 2023.

While social media plays a critical role in entertaining and connecting people worldwide, it has dramatically grown into an effective business tool. Social media is an effective tool for healthcare providers to connect with potential and existing customers and increase their online exposure and brand awareness.

But what do statistics reveal about the impact of social media on a healthcare organization? Over 40% of consumers admit that information they find on social media influences how they deal with their health. This demands that healthcare providers and medical practitioners like you share educational content on social media to inform consumers on health-related issues accurately.

What’s more, recent research found that 90% of young adults between 18 and 24 years of age trust medical information shared by others on social media. The same age group is two times as likely as individuals aged between 45 and 54 to use social media for health-related discussions. And as if that is not enough, 41% of consumers admit that social media influences their choice of a specific healthcare organization or doctor.

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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Agency for Medical Practices

From the above, you will agree with marketing experts that there is incredible value to investing in healthcare social media marketing.

But as a dedicated healthcare provider, chances are you lack the time and resources to promote your business effectively. Indeed, as a visionary business owner, you must wear several hats daily, and you will likely have little to no time to showcase your healthcare expertise or organization in social media. That is where a social media marketing agency for healthcare providers comes in.

A well-reputed, nation-wide Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency, GoMarketing offers a range of social media marketing strategies to healthcare providers like you. We cannot wait to help you elevate your customer reach, social community, and bookings via comprehensive and carefully formulated strategies.

Below, you will find more information about our healthcare social media marketing services for hospitals and medical practices. But if you want to initiate a personalized conversation around an effective social media strategy for your business now, do not hesitate to contact our team at 805-413-7893.

 Social Media Marketing Agency for Healthcare Companies

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GoMarketing’s Healthcare Social Media Marketing Services

Our Social media services for Healthcare and Hospitals include:

Social Media Management

You can turn your social profiles into a lead and revenue magnet with professional and competent healthcare social media management services. Social media experts at GoMarketing are committed to helping you increase your brand value so you drive more leads, grow fantastic client-customer relationships, and build a loyal social community. Contact social media marketing experts at GoMarketing today for integrated solutions that expand your followership and engagements in social media.

Social Media Advertisement

Eager to drive the best possible ROI with social media campaigns? Our competent social media marketing team at GoMarketing leverages best practices for social ads to scale up website traffic and service bookings for your healthcare facility- from crafting compelling copies to targeting your ads to the high-intent audiences. We can implement data-backed adjustments based on performance tracking data to maximize engagements and results and uncover new advertising opportunities.

Content Creation

A well-planned healthcare content marketing strategy is central to growing your thought leadership, credibility, and followership in your social media profiles. GoMarketing has a team of certified and experienced copywriters you can entrust with creating original and compelling health-related posts that effectively convey your unique brand message.

Facebook Marketing

You do not need to connect with all 190 million Facebook users in the US. GoMarketing's social media marketing team can help refine your target audience so you engage users with high commercial value. You certainly cannot regret entrusting us with optimizing your Facebook page copy, organizing your page tabs, creating engaging posts, and managing your Facebook ads.

LinkedIn Marketing

Home to more than 700 million decision makers, LinkedIn is an incredible tool for gaining credibility and customers. Gomarketing can help get your name out, build relationships with potential customers by sharing content, contribute insight, and engage your peers and potential clients in conversation via comments in healthcare groups on LinkedIn.

Not only the above, but we also help grow your thought leadership and establish greater trust by publishing relevant and thought-provoking influencer posts. Sponsored postings help us reach a broader and highly targeted audience.

YouTube Marketing

Build a crowd of active subscribers on YouTube with engaging and exciting business- and industry-related content. You can also publish video testimonials from happy customers to showcase your healthcare services or products' quality. Also available are several cost-effective and easy-to-measure YouTube advertising options that can help you connect with more potential customers.

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Why choose GoMarketing for Healthcare Social Media Marketing?

The following are the benefits, medical practices, and healthcare providers like you enjoy by choosing GoMarketing as their professional social media marketing agency:

When you partner with GoMarketing, you meet plenty of healthcare social media specialists who care about your business as you do and are committed to driving results for you.

You certainly do not wish to partner with a digital marketing agency with little to no experience in the healthcare industry. We understand your concerns, and that is why you do not need to look further than GoMarketing for healthcare social media marketing. We bring solid experience in managing social profiles for hundreds of healthcare providers. You can be sure that working with us is a pretty good financial decision for your business.

GoMarketing offers both social media management and social media advertising services. We can also integrate other marketing solutions such as email marketing into your social media efforts for higher engagements and more bookings.

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Top 5 Healthcare Social Media Marketing Strategies

Our Social media services for Healthcare & Medical include:

1. Keep Your Followers Updated

Central to healthcare social media marketing success is sharing accurate and factual health-related content. The content types can range from blog posts to research papers on trending topics in the industry, recent health epidemics (think COVID-19), and routine procedures (like blood tests).

You can also raise awareness for health-related events in your service area, new treatments, and exciting research findings.

2. Highlight Organization's Achievements

People love to associate with the best. And they also like to acknowledge a person’s or organization’s achievements. Can you think of an award your practice or staff won or public praise by a patient? If so, highlight these achievements via social media and watch the magic happen. Note that you must obtain permission to share a patient’s feedback.

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an integral part of healthcare social media marketing. It is any content- texts, videos, images, or audio- posted by consumers on social media talking about a company’s products or services.

Why is UGC important for healthcare providers and medical practices? Seventy-nine percent of individuals admit that UGC impacts their buying decisions and 84% of consumers trust peer recommendations above all other advertising sources.

You can partner with your patients to produces user-generated content. For example, you can ask them to share their thoughts about your healthcare facility/services on a video. Ease the task by preparing some talking points in advance and offering some video recording tips.

You can also promote positive reviews left by customers on your Google My Business profile and third-party sites like Yelp on your social media profiles.

4. Maintain Your Brand Voice

Eighty-six percent of consumers admit that authenticity influences their choices of brands they like and support. That is why you need to keep your brand voice consistent across all your social media profiles and in every content you share.

Brand voice is the personality and emotions conveyed by your organization’s communications. It is the way you talk to your customers and the way the world thinks of your company. Brand voice can be of any style- whether fun, authoritative, or intellectual- but you want to ensure it feels true to your brand persona and values.

5. Pick the Right Network

It does not make sense to establish a healthcare center where potential patients live hundreds of miles away. Similarly, it is wrong to set up profiles in social media networks not frequented by your prospects.

Effective healthcare social media marketing starts with building a presence in social channels where your current or ideal customers spend their time.

However, you do not want to leverage every social network at once. Instead, start with one or two platforms that matter most to your target audience. Facebook is the obvious choice for connecting with patients. Try LinkedIn to connect with fellow professionals.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing FAQs

There are approximately 226 million social media users in the USA, creating a vast market potential for healthcare providers. GoMarketing can help you focus on the right audiences and on the right social platforms to get the best possible social media results.

There exist no fixed prices for healthcare social media marketing. No two healthcare facilities are similar. This calls for different social media marketing approaches that demand varying fees. Please contact us today for a more accurate estimate based on your unique business needs.

There exists no universally right answer to this question. By establishing a conversation around your business needs and audience, it becomes easier to determine the most effective social platforms for medical practices.

An organic social post refers to the free content (think photos, posts, videos, Stories, etc.) you publish on your social profiles for your followers, follower’s followers, and people following hashtags you use to see organically. Conversely, a social ad is a paid post geared to reach a larger audience, target ideal customers more precisely, and hit marketing goals faster.

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