Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a search engine marketing technique that requires you to pay a fee every time someone clicks to your website from an ad you’ve placed in a search engine’s results. Simply stated, you will “bid” a price per click to be in a specific position of the search rankings for a particular search keyword or keyword phrase. The more you agree to pay per click (or bid) for a specific keyword, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results. The paid search results are usually marked as advertisements or “Sponsored Links” and appear above or beside the search engine’s organic listings. The #1 position on a search phrase requires a bid higher per click cost, whereas the lower positions require only a bid of a few cents.

Your available budget and willingness to bid will dramatically impact your website’s search engine ranking position when the search engine displays search keyword or keyword phrase results. Although your website name or URL will be displayed in the search results at your bid for the position, you are not charged the pay per click “bid” until a searcher actually clicks on your website URL.


Pay Per Click Services Include

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Pay Per Click Marketing – A Short-Term Strategy

As a short-term strategy, pay per click marketing offers one tremendous advantage. It enables you to achieve a top or high ranking position almost instantaneously. If you want to draw traffic to your website fast for any reason, pay-per-click marketing can make that happen! The primary benefits of pay per click are the immediate results and complete control it offers the advertiser. You may target one set of keywords today, and if they don’t work out you may target an entirely different set of keywords tomorrow. The position you strive for and what you are willing to bid to achieve the position is totally under your control.

Pay Per Click is Great for a New Website

If you recently purchased a brand new domain name, a new site, and you have no links, you are going to have a hard time jumping up in the rankings for any competitive keywords. PPC allows you to be at the top and start getting your ROI quickly.

Sales, Services and Specials

If your business is having a special online sale over the holidays or offering a new service, PPC is a great way to help searchers locate your products or the new services you offer. PPC should be used after SEO to target special sales or services.

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