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Your Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation is necessary to understand the company, its needs and its goals for the internet marketing programs and services. Below are the initial steps we will take together to help your Search Engine Marketing program perform at its best…

Identifying your company’s true internet marketing goals and needs from financial, branding and customer service perspectives. The more specific we are, the better. We will also prioritize these goals to provide the weighted importance of each goal.

Identifying your target audience(s). This step will help ensure that we are targeting the correct audience, once your target audience has been found we can apply the correct Search Engine Marketing techniques to your program. Once again the more specific we are, the better.

Think of words that define who you are, what you do, what you offer and what you sell. Be as specific as possible and give us all you can think of. To ensure the correct keywords are selected, we run programs that allow us to choose the most searched key terms that are relevant to the original keywords you chose. As you may already know, discovering the right keywords is the foundation to Search Engine Marketing and Optimization.

These are the companies in the same line of business as yours. Client involvement is very helpful here, we may ask for a list of any and all of the competitors you care to mention. If you know their website names, please include that too. These are the people we want to beat with your program.

Finding out about other companies out there that don’t directly compete, but are somehow in a similar space, sell similar product, or sell to the same clientele as you can strengthen your Search Engine Marketing Program. Again, client involvement is helpful. A list of these people or companies can be very beneficial and some of these companies may end up being allies to help us achieve your goals!

By us knowing your top clients and what products or services each of them buy from you will also be beneficial. This relates to targeting your audience and allows us to fine tune your Search Engine Marketing program to better cater to potential clients.

Are you growing? Do you have new products you can talk about that are coming soon? Let us in on the secret and we can start optimizing for that product before it even launches. Some new product launches can be supported with limited PPC (Pay-per-Click) program to highlight that product. An optimized Press Release is also a nice touch to announce new products, new growth, or anything you want to brag about!

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