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Law Firm Marketing for Attorneys

Forty-nine percent of people claim that they research their legal dilemmas before entrusting a professional with their affairs. With the prevalence of digital media only increasing, your law firm will need to keep up with the tech-savvy masses by implementing successful online marketing strategies. At GoMarketing, we use keyword research, SEO services, and content creation to bolster your legal firm’s digital presence and reputation, so you can continue to build trust with past and existing clients while giving the best first impression to emerging audiences. Our law firm marketing managers are familiar with the following types of practice areas and more:

Private Public Criminal Administrative
Corporate Constitutional Labor Property
Appellate Litigation Copyright Elder
Immigration Employment Trust & Estates Trademark
Health & Safety Family & Divorce Contracts Insurance

Your Firm Comes First

Lately, consumers’ trust in Google’s local search results has seen a noteworthy increase with the main 3-pack of local results yielding law firms that have credible online reviews and established trust in the digital world. At GoMarketing, we work tirelessly to optimize all of your online content and track down your geo-target markets in order to increase your firm’s overall ranking on local search results pages. With strategically placed keywords related to your legal practice services and your target regions mapped out, our law firm marketing professionals get your information in front of potential clients who need your keen legal counsel in your area.

Law Firm Marketing-Your Firm Comes First

What Sets Your Practice Apart

Tried and true, GoMarketing works closely with your team of lawyers, attorneys, legal assistants, and etc. to identify your practice’s unique selling proposition and build your personalized digital marketing strategy around it. To stand out from others offering the same or similar legal services as you, your firm will need to develop specific branding and portray your unique company culture via social media, web design, and digital content. Our law firm marketing professionals are skilled at anchoring your legal firm’s messaging and carrying it out across digital channels that will expand your practice’s overall reach and exposure. Is your law firm…

  • Family-Owned?
  • Established For 10 Years Or Longer?
  • New + Innovative?
  • Available In Multiple Cities?
  • Specialized In Unique Services?
  • Offering More Services Than Competitors?
  • Versatile In Practice Areas?
  • All Of The Above?

Legal Marketing Goals

When working on a legal case, your attorneys and lawyers sit down with clients to discuss outcomes and goals in-depth. At GoMarketing, we use the same process–except for your digital marketing assets. Our legal marketing managers work closely with your team to define overall objectives and KPI’s for your online marketing goals. From designing a user- and mobile-friendly website to implementing content strategy in the form of blogs and social media posts, we focus on lead generation and client retention based on the specific goals we discuss with you!

Law Firm Marketing-Legal Marketing Goals

Web Design With Your Clients In Mind

Nowadays, online users on search engines are prospective clients. Therefore, it is crucial for your business to appear trustworthy and remain readily available via digital means. This could involve updating your current site, building a brand new website that falls in step with current design trends, and/or having your web pages and social media profiles optimized for instant contact and connection for users with inquiries. At GoMarketing, our professionals utilize the latest in design tools and keyword research to provide a high-quality website for increased web traffic and average time spent on your webpages. We can add any of the following to your site, making it easier for your legal firm to generate online leads:

  • Strong Call-To-Actions
  • Instant Calling Via Mobile Device and Desktop
  • Chat Bots
  • Digital Information Forms

Law Firm Marketing - Web Design With Your Clients In Mind

Legal Counsel Content

Ongoing relevance is key. Show your established and emerging audiences that you genuinely care about their legal matters and overall success by consistently sharing digital content that demonstrates how your expertise can improve their daily lives–or how they can simply get started when handling a messy legal matter. GoMarketing’s law firm marketing managers help you establish dynamic content strategy targeted towards your niche and the questions your audience is asking. This type of approach builds a solid reputation for your legal firm over time while also increasing engagement for better client relationships.

Law Firm Marketing-Legal Counsel Content

Negotiate Your Domain Authority

At GoMarketing, we follow digital marketing by the book to yield the best results for your legal firm. Part of the process involves link building, or link earning. Just like you negotiate on your client’s behalf in the courtroom, our marketing professionals negotiate on your behalf when it comes to your website’s domain. The overall goal is to have prominent websites within your field link back to your firm’s website, thereby increasing the cache of keywords your practice ranks for and overall domain authority for better organic search engine results.

You know that success takes time and strategy. Our team of law firm marketing professionals is dedicated to cultivating optimized digital marketing assets that ultimately grow your client network, so your practice can thrive long-term throughout the digital age. The case is closed on who should handle your legal firm’s digital marketing. To learn more about our marketing plans and get started on your customized strategy, contact GoMarketing Inc. at 805-413-7893.

Law Firm Marketing-Negotiate Your Domain Authority

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