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For companies in the production and manufacturing sector, maintaining a powerful online presence is key to longevity and growing profits in the age of online shopping. Not only do fifty percent of consumers searching for goods and businesses locally end up visiting a storefront within twenty-four hours, but eighteen percent of these local searches are guaranteed to generate sales. Over the years, GoMarketing has built a solid reputation as a premier manufacturing marketing agency. We pride ourselves in digital marketing services that increase web traffic and overall brand reach by means of creating SEO-optimized web content for a wide scope of manufacturing endeavors, including but not limited to:

Military Hardware Picture Frames Nutraceuticals Sporting Equipment
Women’s Hair Care Food & Beverage Furniture Automotive Parts
Apparel Wood, Paper, & Printing Metal and Machinery Appliances
Electrical Equipment Mechanical & Engineering Textiles & Leather Canned Goods
Shoes Ceramic Tiles Tools Carpet

Rise To The Top of Search Results

Eighty-two percent of manufacturing marketers cite digital content creation as the number one reason for overall business success in 2018. Driven by data and analytics, GoMarketing produces high-quality content and keyword research that enhances your manufacturing business’ placement on search results pages. As the marketplace occupies more and more digital terrain, consumers are opting for online purchases and businesses who show up first when searching for specific goods in their area. Our marketing professionals work tirelessly to increase your brand’s domain authority to earn you a prime spot on Google’s first page.

Manufacturing Marketing Agency-Rise To The Top of Search Results

What Makes Your Product Or Offering Unique?

To appeal to more internet and smartphone users, your manufacturing company will need to focus on what makes your specific product or offering unique and channel that into relatable, sharable content. GoMarketing’s team of manufacturing marketing specialists meet with you and your brand ambassadors to build a strategy that highlights what sets your business apart from the competition in your target regions. Is your company….

  • Family-Owned?
  • Established For 10 Years Or Longer?
  • Selling A New + Innovative Product?
  • Available In Multiple Cities + Stores?
  • Offering More Types Of Products + Goods Than Competitors?
  • All Of The Above?

At GoMarketing, we need to understand the details behind your brand’s story, product offering(s), and process to make you stand out when creating content and ranking for keywords. We work closely with you to develop what makes you different and unique to attract more interest and maximize click-throughs for your business’ website and social media profiles.

Manufacturing Marketing Objectives and Goals

As you know, in the manufacturing industry it’s important to apply dynamic marketing strategies for short-term and long-term success. Perhaps you already have particular areas, markets, or audiences in mind for expanding your business. Whether or not your marketing objectives are clearly mapped out in the beginning, our team works with yours to develop KPI’s specific to your brand’s vision and achieve those goals and overall growth.

Manufacturing Marketing Agency-Manufacturing Marketing Objectives and Goals

Web Design and E-Commerce = Consumer-Friendly

Did you know that forty-eight percent of consumers judge a business’ trustworthiness from the design and user-experience of their website? In the Digital Age, you’ll want your business’ webpages to be up to speed with industry standards and consumer demands while demonstrating high-quality images and graphics along with easy navigation. At GoMarketing, we make sure your brand’s web content complies with the latest and greatest updates with Google’s SEO algorithms.

Our team of manufacturing marketing specialists utilizes their savvy digital tools and know-how to either build your company a brand new website or make modifications to existing web pages or posted content. GoMarketing prioritizes giving your brand an interface that’s relevant and easy-to-use for online visitors, which increases overall traffic and purchases made on your website. Depending on your business’ needs and goals, our digital marketing team can implement the following on your website:

  • Strong Call-To-Actions
  • Instant Calling Via Mobile Device and Desktop
  • Chat Bots
  • Contact Forms
  • Widgets

Manufacturing Marketing Agency-Web Design and E-Commerce = Consumer-Friendly

Streams Of Content

When developing a robust online presence for your manufacturing company, GoMarketing creates content that incorporates relevant keywords in your industry while also resonating with your target audiences and wholesalers. Our manufacturing marketing professionals conduct keyword research to give your business a competitive edge when ranking for search results and also use content strategy and creation for ongoing relevance and success. From social media to web content and email marketing, streams of digital content will give your business the chance to continually compete in the online market.

Manufacturing Marketing Agency - Streams Of Content

Earn More Links For More Traffic

If content is king and keywords are the keys to the kingdom, then link building is the foundation of the castle. At GoMarketing, we negotiate your business’ web page links to other websites within the manufacturing industry with high domain authority. This monthly link earning program increases the amount of keywords your company ranks for on search engines, thus expanding your brand’s overall reach and validity in the digital world.

Digital marketing is a continual effort that requires dedication and patience. Our team of manufacturing marketing professionals delivers the traffic, leads, and sales that your company needs to grow and prosper! We take care of the marketing content, so you can focus on running your assembly lines smoothly. To learn more about our marketing plans and get started, contact GoMarketing Inc. at 805-413-7893.

Manufacturing Marketing Agency-Earn More Links For More Traffi

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