Top Tips for Your SEO Campaign

Marketing with SEO isn’t difficult, so long as you know what you’re doing. Once you understand SEO, it’s not hard to conduct an SEO marketing campaign that brings real results.

Not hard, but it’s not simple — SEO can be a challenge to “get” if you don’t live and breath it as the experts at an SEO company do. And it can take months to really feel that you have a good grasp of the concepts.

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Still, here are some top SEO tips:

Don’t use the same meta tags for each one of your pages. Instead, make sure each page is unique and focuses on a different keyword phrase. So, for example, if you’re a dermatologist in Van Nuys, California, and you use the keyword phrase “Dermatologist Van Nuys,” you’ll want your second page to focus on a keyword phrase such as “skin care Van Nuys” or even “Van Nuys skin care.” And so on.

Keep your website current. That is, if you held a dermatology special in June but it’s now August, you should be sure to remove that information from your site.

No keyword stuffing. That means no using the same keyword phrases over and over and over again. First of all, search engine spiders are “on” to such tactics and will penalize you for trying to place too many keywords on your site. Secondly, a keyword-stuffed page is an unreadable page. Instead, aim for a focus on no more than one or two keyword phrases a page and keep the number of times a phrase appears on a 500-word page to no more than three or four.

Speaking of readability, be sure to write informative, accurate, engaging and original content. Copying content from another site onto yours is a form of plagiarism and could land you in legal hot water. In addition, search engines want original content. You’re site won’t be “penalized” if you have duplicate content, but it won’t rank high either. The spiders compare different sites with the same content and then decide which site is more “important,” by taking a look at how many people link to a site, how many people visit a site, how long a site has been up, and other factors. The site with the higher “score” among sites with duplicate content gets ranked higher. You’ll have a better chance of ranking well if you have original content.

As we mentioned above, optimizing a site isn’t rocket science. It can be learned relatively easily. It just takes a good amount of time. When time is of the essence, why not ask the SEO experts at to optimize your site. It’s what we do. So let us do what we do best and let your business reap the benefits — more site visitors and more sales. Contact us today.

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