If You Provide Services Locally, You NEED Local Internet Marketing

If you’re a personal trainer in Westlake Village, CA or a Law Firm in Agoura Hills, CA you may have been leery of forking out what could be quite a lot of money for internet marketing. “After all,” you may have said to yourself, “I don’t want to pay for ads that will be seen by people across the country – or even in the next state. My market is local.

“Do you hear me, Internet?! Local! My market is local!”

Well, the World Wide Web did hear you and the hundreds of thousands of dentists, Realtors, insurance agents, ophthalmologists, hair dressers, plumbers and other service providers who cannot perform eye exams, teeth cleanings, haircuts, drain openings and other work online can now market themselves online to customers in their local area.

So, like you, they may have stayed away from pay-per-click campaigns, submitting their websites to directories, etc. Instead – perhaps like you? – they put together a website, slapped the URL on their business cards and, except for referring potential customers to that slapdash website for “more detailed information,” left their web presence at that.
Local Search Engine Marketing

Local Search Engine Marketing

But there is a way to receive a nice return on your investment with a local search engine marketing campaign.

Actually, there are at least a couple of ways you can take on a local Internet Marketing program. And, of course, here at GOiMarketing, we can help you do so.

We can research the keywords your local customers use to find hair salons, plumbers, mortgages, insurance agents. For example, somebody needs to find an Insurance company close to their home so they go to Google and type car insurance in west chester, PA, they see 10 listings next to the map which shows up at the top of the results page, wouldn’t you want to be in those first 10 results if you were an insurance company? If you’re not, your competitors are.

And these local search engine marketing programs are much less expensive than those geared for providers who can sell their services to anyone anywhere.

With local search engine marketing we can help get you top positioning on search results pages on Google®, Yahoo®, MSN® and hundreds of others. This is not pay-per click – where you pay each time someone clicks on your link on the search results page – but similar to the organic results where no matter how many times your listing gets clicked on, you don’t pay anything per click.

The World Wide Web may be worldwide, but your customers are down the street. We highly recommend you use that World Wide Web with a cost-effective local campaign.

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