How Video Marketing Can Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

  • October 11, 2010
  • Blog

If you’re serious about bringing traffic to your site via the search engines, then you seriously should consider video marketing.

Why? Because while SEO still brings most of the traffic to a site, social media and video sites (such as YouTube) increasingly are showing some traffic muscle.

In addition, video on a website often is viewed much more than content is read (SEO news sources are reporting that 67 percent of a website’s visitors will choose video over text), so put together a video of you explaining your services, announcing a new product or offering, demonstrate how to use or build your product.

You also don’t necessarily need to have the typical video of people talking and moving. You can put together a live and talking video from one of your articles or blog posts ( is a leading site to do this for you).

Creating videos and placing them on your site (as well as on YouTube), promotes you as a leader in your field.

Placing video on your site/YouTube also helps your site in search engine rankings. The search engines at Google and Yahoo! now perform what is called “universal search,” which means that anything — text, video, etc. — will come up in search engine results depending on how well it’s optimized. Video, therefore, can rank higher than text.

In addition, video easily can become viral. Post links to your video in your tweets and Facebook posts and viewers could then send links to their followers and friends.

Video won’t replace optimized text, of course. You’ll still need to create engaging, informative content on your site’s pages that’s of real value to your target audience.

But use video wisely and it can be a truly great addition to your rankings arsenal.

If you’d like to produce one or more videos for your website, contact We can create affordable videos that will engage and inform your site’s visitors about your products and services, videos that will help bring more visitors to your site. Contact us today.


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