The Ultimate Electrician’s Guide to Google Local Services Ads

The Ultimate Electrician’s Guide to Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services can help you be the top-serving electrician in your locality. It lets you show paid ads on Google to become more visible online and bring in more user attention. Google Local Services Ads for electricians or Google LSA is a helpful marketing tool to generate more leads.

Being the biggest internet search engine, Google has developed various ways for businesses to promote their services. The search engine developed Google LSA for electricians and other local businesses to connect with consumers easily.

This blog will talk about multiple aspects of using Google Local Services Ads for electricians and how it can benefit you and your business.

What are Google Local Services Ads?

In simple words, Local Services Ads connect the right consumers with the right professionals/company. If you have an active paid ad campaign for your Google Local Services profile, you have a higher chance of encountering consumers that require your services. Since it boosts your local visibility on the internet, you’re bound to show up in SERPs when someone searches with “electrician near me.”

You can think of it as an electrician pay-per-click ad campaign. However, the only difference is that electricians don’t pay for every click their ad gets but rather every lead their ad generates. It’s more efficient and effective to ensure better visitor turnover!

Since your ads will show locally, you will have a higher chance of increasing your local market share for electrician services. For example, what happens when someone searches for an “electrician near me?” Google triggers Local Services Ads and shows several paid ads on top of the organic SERPs relevant to the (relevant keyword).

So, Google Local Services Ads for electricians is an effective digital marketing channel. But let’s take a more detailed look at how Google Local Service Ads helps electricians become more visible online and gather more leads.

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What Do Google Local Services Ads Do for Electricians?

It helps electricians and other types of local businesses in several ways. Firstly, it helps gain the required amount of customer exposure. Of course, that depends on your bid strategy and advertising budget. It also helps you connect with more potential customers than simple Google search ads.

Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective marketing channel dedicated to improving local business visibility on the search engine. Recent studies show that paid ads get a hefty share of clicks on SERPs for relevant keywords. If you’re not convinced about the Google local service yet, here’re a few benefits that can help you change your mind about running Google Local Services Ads for your electrician business:

  • The business profile shows up as a paid ad on top of the Google SERPs
  • Gain higher consumer trust thanks to the “Google Guarantee” badge
  • Don’t have to pay for every click but rather every lead you generate through the paid Local Services Ads
  • It’s extremely easy to sign up and create a personalized business profile
  • Simple tools and features to improve your business profile’s appearance
  • Only true and reliable customers contact you for services and professional help
  • Mobile app integration can help you communicate with customers all the time
  • Connect your business to potential customers who are more likely to become a lead and convert

SERPs are more likely to get higher click rates since they’re at the top of the results pages, i.e., above organic search results. Although relying on organic search traffic is cost-effective, it doesn’t guarantee you a place at the top of the SERPs.

Types of Leads that Google Local Services Ads Bring for Electricians

Google Local Services Ads for electricians is a win-win for customers and the business itself. Here’s how Local Services Ads help electricians:

Message Leads

If a business in the Google Local Services Ads listing allows users to fill out a form, they can communicate with each other directly. For instance, consumers will fill out a form and present their questions or queries to the local business listing in the LSA. However, this is available for electricians and some other local business categories.

Phone Calls

This is one of the most popular forms of leads that Google local services generate for electricians and other local businesses. Google allows companies to generate these types of leads in nearly any region.


Reserving with the Google platform lets users schedule appointments and bookings with their required service providers. For instance, users can search for “electrician near me,” click on your business profile and book a visit from an expert at your company for a specified date.

But, this type of convenience is limited to a handful of local business categories. Fortunately, that small list includes electrical contractors as well.

What is Google Guaranteed?

You can expand brand awareness, generate high-quality leads, and experience higher conversion rates (turn leads into actual customers) with the help of Google Local Services Ads for electricians. But, do you know that it gets even better with the “Google Guaranteed” badge. Google local services come with many benefits.

You show up in the search results of thousands of people or more in your locality when they search using relevant keywords to your business. For instance, homeowners looking for an electrician in their vicinity can get electrical work done.

Google Guaranteed is a badge that shows up with your profile. It’s similar to how the “verified” blue tick confirms the authenticity of profiles on different social media platforms. The green Google Guaranteed badge assures potential customers that you’re a reliable and reputable electrical company.

It highlights that your electrician business went through the Google process to get the “Google Guaranteed” certification. Although signing up for a Google local service like LSA and getting the Google Guaranteed badge isn’t that challenging, it shows your customers that you’re taking the right steps. Thus, it will automatically grant you a competitive advantage over other electricians in your locality.

How Do You Get “Google Guaranteed”?

So, what steps help you get the Google Guaranteed badge for your Google LSA business profile? The whole process is very simple. You have to provide certain information about your business and pass a few checks. If the process ends successfully, Google classifies you as a reputable electrician business and provides a Google Guaranteed badge.

First, you have to create an account in Google Ads. Second, you will have to use that account to create another account, but that will be in the Google Local Services Ads platform. Next, follow these steps to get the Google Guaranteed badge:

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The Electrician’s Guide to Google Local Services Ads

  • Offer digital copies of valid business documents to Google, and those could include the certificate of insurance or state business license.
  • Every individual operating as a professional electrician in your firm will have to complete a background check via Evident, i.e., a background check used by Google.
    • A background check is necessary to ensure consumer safety and trust. Your electricians may have to enter customers’ homes, making a background check very important.
    • After providing Google with the background check information about your employees, all electricians must provide personal information through Evident within 90 days for confirmation.
  • You will have to verify your electrical services through account verification by linking your Google My Business profile with the newly created Google Ads account.
  • Your last step will be choosing a payment method to pay for your bidding strategy and showing ads on the SERPs.

The whole verification process to get Google Guaranteed won’t complete within a day. It can take up to 90 days. The process’s completion period will depend on your timely submission of the required information.

Also, how quickly the information gets processed by Google and its background checker will determine how long the whole process takes. After completion, you will get the “Google Guaranteed” badge.

Factors that Determine Your Local Services Ads Rankings

While this Google local service offers a lot of perks, you won’t be the only electrical business in your region striving to get more leads and customers. There will be a lot of other businesses as well operating under the same category of local firms. To make sure your ads appear higher than similar businesses in local searches, the following factors because they directly influence ad rankings:

Customer Reviews

This is by far the most important ranking factor for paid ads. If your customers post bad reviews or rate you poorly, you can easily slide down to second, third, or even the last of the paid ad listing. The better ratings and customer reviews you have, the higher you will rank in the Local Services Ads listing.


How close are you to the customers searching for local electricians near you? Of course, being in your local area, you can’t expect to show up as the first SERPs result for a customer searching “electrician near me” in a city from another state. Hence, the closer a potential customer is to your business location, the higher your chances are of showing up at the top of the SERPs.


This directly relates to how well you treat and respond to your existing and potential customers. You will rank higher in the Local Services Ads listing if you respond to customer calls and messages quicker than others. If you take longer than necessary, you will receive a lower ranking in the ads listing.

Bid Strategy

How much you’re willing to pay for running Google Local Services Ads for electricians to generate leads matters. You can set a maximum per lead bid or let Google handle that for you to keep generating your leads.

Google Local Services Ads for electricians is a considerably new marketing channel. Exploiting it to your advantage can help you gain a competitive edge over other businesses with the same type and region. Whether you’re an electrical business or another local firm, opting for this marketing method can potentially bring in more leads and, thus, more customers.

How Can Electricians Benefit from Google Local Services Ads?

The best part about having a business profile in the Google Local Services Ads platform is extremely cost-effective. First, you won’t have to pay for every click you get. Instead, you will be paying for every lead that your paid ad generates regarding your services.

On top of that, it costs nothing to sign up for the Google Local Services Ads. Although it’s cheap, signing in may require you to take some time off. Here are a few perks of signing up with the Google Local Services ads for electricians:

  • Google records phone calls for quality assurance and proof of communication (Canada and US regions only)
  • More convenience and easier management
  • You can dispute any charged leads (Canada and US regions only)
  • Lack of any fees “per click” (you only have to pay for every lead generated through the running ads)
  • Low costs per lead generated through running ads (subjective to the region and local business type)


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In a nutshell, you can generate high-quality leads and improve revenue by connecting with potential customers looking for electricians in your area. You may have to spend a little time creating a business profile, optimizing it for customers, and adding relevant contact information. But, that will only get you closer to your main goal, i.e., achieving a higher SERPs ranking.

For over 18 years, GoMarketing has been a top-tier digital marketing solutions provider for electricians. Offering services such as SEO, lead generation, and help with Google Local Services, GoMarketing has helped many businesses succeed their goals. Give them a call today at 805-413-7893 or fill out their online form

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