Boost Your HVAC Website’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

Boost Your HVAC Website’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

For an HVAC business today, it’s crucial to stand out from competitors so your customers can find your services. You can do this by improving your website’s search engine ranking. If you’re wondering how exactly to improve your ranking, one of the most important SEO concepts you should familiarize yourself with is E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

What Exactly is E-A-T for SEO?

E-A-T stands for a website’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s essentially a guideline that Google uses to determine whether your content is valuable to readers. Failing to demonstrate your HVAC website’s E-A-T means that you are not following Google Quality Raters Guidelines (QRG), the instructions given to human raters who evaluate the quality of search results. 

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Simply put, sites that fail to prove their E-A-T will inevitably drop in organic rankings, while sites that maintain their E-A-T will appear trustworthy and rank higher in search results. 

To better understand them, let’s break down the three E-A-T Google terms:

» Expertise

Expertise is defined as a content creator’s knowledge in a particular area. Google looks for this on the page level. So if you are not an expert on the topic you want to post about, you will need to work with someone who is and back it up with a credible author bio.

» Authoritativeness

Authoritativeness stands for your reputation in the field, reflected in others referencing you (via backlinks). While your expertise must show on your site, authoritativeness is about your contributions to the industry and whether your name appears on other authoritative sites.

» Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness means whether Google considers you to be a trusted source. Online reviews directly affect your trustworthiness, so your goal should be to get positive, organic reviews. Note, however, that generating reviews is a long-term strategy and you can’t pay or coerce customers to leave reviews.

In a nutshell, you must prove your expertise through the content you post on your website (E), show your authoritativeness via other industry sources (A), and be considered trustworthy according to online reviews (T).

Why is E-A-T So Important for SEO?

Before E-A-T, Google took into account keyword placement and other technical factors to determine the quality of content. However, recent updates to Google’s algorithm aim to devalue misinformation and give greater visibility to sites with E-A-T. This also means that if you can’t prove your E-A-T, your site could rank lower which is the exact opposite of what you want your digital marketing and SEO strategy to achieve.

Build HVAC company Websites with SEO

But how do we know that E-A-T is a key piece in the SEO puzzle? Google Quality Raters Guidelines give you a hint. The term appears nearly 200 times in the QRG, implying that websites are being measured against higher standards. Therefore, sorting out your E-A-T should be an integral part of your SEO strategy.

E-A-T is a guideline for determining what Google considers high-quality content and is not technically a ranking factor. However, this does not mean you should not optimize your HVAC Website’s E-A-T. On the contrary, by increasing your site’s E-A-T (your true, genuine online reputation), you will improve aspects that are ranking factors, such as backlinks or user engagement. With E-A-T, your goal is to produce quality content that indirectly helps you rank better in search results.

How to Improve Your HVAC Website’s E-A-T

To make your HVAC business stand out from the competition for customers and search engines, you need to start thinking about your E-A-T.

The basis of your HVAC website’s E-A-T is proving that you are a true expert in the industry, and you can achieve this by putting out high-quality content regularly. For example, when you publish an article on heating maintenance, you should describe the tasks step-by-step, including the parts you replaced and the actions customers can take to avoid future problems—anything that shows you have a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Additional steps to boost your HVAC website’s E-A-T:

Update your outdated content: Remember that Google is looking for your expertise on the page level, so it’s worth reusing and updating your old content, this includes how-to articles or data on the latest HVAC industry trends with up-to-date information.

Build your About Us page: The About Us page is the place to talk about your achievements and credentials. Be sure to include your license number and all current certifications as it’s the kind of information clients and search engines like to see.

Create author bios: If possible, have dedicated experts for each area of your HVAC business, with strong author bios to back it up. Get your president to publish articles to show that someone experienced and knowledgeable has crafted your content.

Tidy up your website: Have a secure, easy-to-navigate, fast, and informative HVAC website, your contact information and physical address included. Set up a sitemap and have a clear categorization of your pages so that search engines can crawl them easily.

Link to reputable sources: If you have data to share on industry trends or know about new technologies in the HVAC business, back them up with links to authoritative industry publications, research papers, or tweets from highly respected industry professionals.

Build your online reputation: Generate genuine, organic reviews by encouraging customers to leave positive reviews about your HVAC business. At the same time, monitor your negative reviews and respond to them promptly in order to build your trustworthiness over time.

Optimize Your HVAC Website’s E-A-T for SEO Success

E-A-T guidelines can help you produce great content that is more likely to rank well on Google. While some of the strategies to improve your E-A-T are long-term, it is all the more important to start optimizing your content today. Remember, however, that you are creating content for people first and search engines second. Therefore, your top priority is to stand out from your competitors so that your customers can find you and, when they do, see that your information is high quality, relevant and trustworthy. That’s what optimizing for E-A-T can help you achieve.

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