How Videos Can Help Plumbing Contractors Build Leads

How Videos Can Help Plumbing Contractors Build Leads

With the rising demand, your plumbing company needs to stand out from the other plumbing companies and build a strong plumbing marketing strategy that helps you achieve your desired targets.

Video advertising is the new method of conveying the message about your plumbing business, products, or services. Prospective clients like videos because they are entertaining, engaging, and simple to digest. On the other hand, plumbing marketers love it because it can give a high Return on Investment (ROI) across several channels

So, what are the top video marketing tips that can help you market your plumbing services? Let’s learn from the marketing experts at GoMarketing, a plumbing digital marketing company that has helped business owners like you increase their company’s leads, sales, and booked jobs.

But first, let’s look at what plumbing video marketing entails.

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What is Plumbing Video Marketing?

Video marketing for plumbers is the act of using video content to market or promote your plumbing company’s service, brand, or product. With the right approach, resources, and strategy, your plumbing company’s video marketing campaign will work toward captivating your audience with original and engaging content, generating more leads and converting more sales.

How Does Plumbing Video Marketing Help Gain More Leads?

Sure, video marketing for plumbing contractors seems like a great way to encourage engagement, but can it really help generate new leads to help keep your sales funnels full? You can incorporate these seven tactics into your plumbing video marketing strategy to gain leads and close more deals:

Understand Your Audience

Defining and understanding your target audience is critical to creating engaging videos that are effective for plumbing lead generation.

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Use Videos as Gated Content

If you’re offering valuable content in your plumbing videos, consider requiring viewers to share their email to gain access to more content. For example, if the prospect values the information you share in your videos, they wouldn’t mind getting access to more of it by subscribing to your newsletter.

Include Videos in Email Messages

Did you know that embedding videos in emails can increase click rates by up to 96%? Nowadays, people generally prefer to watch rather than read something. So adding a video ensures that more recipients get your message from watching the video. 

Add Videos on Landing Pages

An effective way to generate plumbing leads with videos is embedding relevant videos on your landing pages. You can use a brief explainer video to add depth to your landing pages and reassure potential customers that they are making the right decision.

Incorporate Video Retargeting on Social Media

Consider investing in paid advertising on popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. These platforms have powerful targeting features that ensure your videos reach the right audiences, boosting your lead generation ROI.

Incorporate Video Testimonials

Customers trust the opinions of people who have used your plumbing services more than your marketing. Make it a priority if you haven’t embedded a testimonial video on your homepage or services page! 

Insert a Clear Call to Action in Your Video Marketing Content

Crafting a compelling, eye-pleasing video isn’t all you need to get all the plumbing leads and sales you need. Critically, you must guide your viewers on the steps or actions to take after watching your video. The CTAs you use depend on the sales funnel stage to which you are guiding the viewers.

What are the Types of Plumbing Video Content Should You Create?

Here are six ideas for your plumbing video marketing strategy that will help educate your audience and increase the number of potential clients:

Brand Video

A brand video aims to tell about who you are and what you do. By sharing with viewers about your brand, they may want to learn more. Brand videos are a great way to improve consumer trust, which increases their chances of converting to leads.

Staff Videos

Company culture videos highlight more than the plumbing business; they highlight the faces behind the company. Staff videos help make your brand feel human, which creates a connection with the audience. Customers want to identify with your plumbing company and its core values. Company stories and staff videos help highlight what drives your company behind the brand.

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Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a great way to show your audience how your services can help solve their problems. At the beginning of a product demo, showcase a relevant plumbing issue and portray your service as the solution to the problem.

These videos should leave viewers wanting more with a clear call to action to contact your company for additional information. The trick is explaining why someone needs this service to catapult them past the consideration stage and into the decision-making process.

Educational Videos

The goal of educational videos is similar to blogs: to inform the audience. To get started, choose a topic that aligns with your brand and is relevant to the target audience. These videos help build brand trust by portraying your company as an important voice in the plumbing industry. 

The purpose of educational videos is to create awareness during the buyer journey, when customers may not necessarily know all their problems. These videos aim to spark interest to help them move further down the sales funnel.

Customer Testimonials

Prospective clients will believe in your service even more when they see that someone else has benefited. So, it would help if you made it a point to interview some of your customers and ask about their experience. These videos take online reviews to the next level by putting a face to the review.

Ensure that the testimonials are genuine, high-quality, and reflect people’s full emotions when interacting with your product or service.

Thought Leadership Interview

Thought leadership content is excellent for spreading ideas from the greatest minds in your plumbing business to your audiences. It also establishes your credibility and expertise in the industry, as it helps foster trust among your audience. As a result, the overall sales of your brand increase.

Where Should Your Plumbing Video Content Go?

Once you’ve finished the production element of your video marketing strategy, it’s time to release and share your content with the world! So, where should you publish your plumbing company videos online?


YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video platform in the world. Google also owns it, so it is connected to its search results algorithm. 


If you already have a video , you can embed it on your website, which will help you get more youtube views and, ultimately, more leads.


Facebook is another excellent platform for plumbing videos. It allows you to upload the video files directly to its servers and later publish them on your plumbing business page.


Instagram is a worthwhile platform for sharing content, but you must do it correctly. Focus on creating videos that are short and straight to the point.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Plumbing Contractors

Video marketing strategies can provide your plumbing company with a competitive advantage in many ways, including:

  • Create original and compelling content that strengthens, broadens, and personifies your brand
  • Provide specific demonstrations of your distinct plumbing skills, equipment, and experience
  • Boost your engagement with new and existing customers
  • Increase your lead conversion rate and sales numbers
  • Establish trust and credibility with your target audience
  • Optimized videos will help your plumbing company rank higher on organic search results
  • Provide branded content for your social media followers to engage with and share

Why Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy Needs Videos for Success

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing world, especially in 2023. If you aren’t using it for lead generation yet, here are five reasons why you should be:

Videos Improve Social Engagement

Videos generate more engagement than any other content type. Videos generally generate higher engagement rates than both text and image content combined.

Videos Improve SEO and Page Rank

Videos on your business’s landing page will make the website visitors stay longer, which makes your website more valuable to Google, thus improving your SERP rank.

Videos Help You Establish Credibility

In an industry such as plumbing, explainer videos are memorable, persuasive, and versatile, which makes them the single best way to communicate expertise and credibility for your company.

Videos Increase Conversions

Did you know that including a video on your plumbing landing page can increase conversion by 80%? Embedding a video on your landing page is a cost-effective way to increase conversion rates!

Ready To Generate More Plumbing Leads?

In an industry as competitive as the plumbing industry, video marketing can be the signature marketing tool that can help your plumbing company stand out from the rest of the pack.

If you need help on where to start with your video content for plumbers online, reach out to GoMarketing today! As a full-service digital marketing agency, GoMarketing has the in-house talent to help your company develop the best marketing strategy to get you the leads. We can also help leverage YouTube, social media, and other distribution channels to ensure your audience finds your videos.

Not sure about where to start? Contact GoMarketing today at 805-413-7893 or fill out our contact form for marketing services that will provide real, measurable results.

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