Videos Gain Power in 2009-2010

  • January 13, 2010
  • Blog

Google has decided to put more power into videos. Rather optimized videos on websites will provide Google positioning, yahoo video a more important roll than ever before. We are going back to our customers and working to add videos to the home page and other pages of their websites.

Some people in the Internet marketing world believe that those sites without videos will DRASTICALLY drop in the rankings in 2009 unless they act right away. Search Engine Optimized and search-able videos on your website are another key to success online.

How do you create a video? Hire a Hollywood producer and crew? Too much work to take on? Not at all! You can dress up and shoot yourself with a digital movie camera, optimize the playback and add it to your website. A good idea is to us a separate microphone so that the sound is of better quality than just using the camera.

Camera shy? You can just take a few stills of your business or services and create a flash flip book that tells a story. These will ‘check the box’ that Google wants checked and it’s easy and inexpensive. We also offer this affordable service if you are not a do it yourself-er.

Viral Videos can also be launched on dozens of websites like These stand alone videos can be highly ranked as well and offer another position for your company at the top of search engines!

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