GoMarketing Scouts Digital Marketing Success For Boy Scouts Of L.A.

GoMarketing Scouts Digital Marketing Success For Boy Scouts Of L.A.

Ventura County’s premier digital marketing and advertising agency, GoMarketing, helps Boy Scouts of America’s Greater Los Angeles Area Council with web design and development.
Thousand Oaks, CA

Since 2002, GoMarketing has established itself as the go-to digital marketing and advertising for local brands spanning Ventura County and the Greater Los Angeles area at large. Recently, the Thousand Oaks-based company teamed up with the Boy Scout of America’s Los Angeles chapter to grow their digital assets and reach. GoMarketing’s digital marketing and advertising services run the full gamut, including but not limited to: SEO, link building, content strategy, blog management, and Facebook Advertising. For the Boy Scouts of America Greater Los Angeles Area Council, GoMarketing’s web designers and specialists will be in charge of creating and managing web pages for its sub-chapters.

“As an established local digital marketing agency, GoMarketing is honored to be partnering up with a household name such as the Boy Scouts of America,” says Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing. “We’re proud to be offering digital marketing solutions that contribute to the Boy Scouts’ mission of building character and integrity for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.”

Established in 1915, the Boy Scouts of America Greater Los Angeles Council has served over 26,000 youth and 10,700 adult leaders. They have also successfully sent over 12,000 kids to camp every year. Their educational programs are not just designed to help youth develop valuable life skills–they are also dedicated to instilling values that build strong character. For over a century, the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles have remained an active participant and resource for local communities. By investing in web design and development, this traditional institution is utilizing modern technology and tactics to shape a brighter future for the youth of Los Angeles.

About GoMarketing

Based out of Thousand Oaks, California, GoMarketing uses the following mission statement to deliver digital marketing results to their clients: “Understand. Engage. Succeed. Grow.” Acting as digital marketing professionals within a wide range of industry sectors, the GoMarketing team specializes in SEO, content strategy, website design and development, and more–providing a full suite of marketing solutions that generate online leads and sales for businesses throughout Southern California. For more information about their custom marketing plans, contact GoMarketing directly at 805.413.7893 or visit https://www.gomarketing.com.

About Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing

Founder of GoMarketing and RealtyTech Inc., Richard Uzelac is a former award-winning Realtor and a real estate company owner in both New Jersey and California. Besides helping local small businesses and real estate professionals increase their leads and sales via digital marketing these last 15 years, Mr. Richard Uzelac is also available as a paid Real Estate Technology Speaker, Seminar Provider and Consultant. For more information, contact Richard Uzelac at 805.413.7888.

Boy Scouts Of America

About Boy Scouts Of America Greater Los Angeles Council

The Boy Scouts of Los Angeles offers programs and resources for K-12 youth throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area in Southern California. From camping and outdoor adventures to other useful life skills, the Boy Scouts of America also provide scholarships and volunteer opportunities to build community and facilitate success. For more information about their programs or to see their active calendar, visit www.glaacbsa.org

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