Four Terrific Article Marketing Tips

We haven’t talked about article marketing in awhile and that’s a shame, because article marketing with keyword-rich articles really is a terrific way to get free traffic to your business’ website.

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So with today’s post, here are four great article marketing tips:

1) The longer your article is, the better. Aim to write articles of at least 500 words in length. Anything shorter than 250 words really won’t do you much good. Four or so keywords in such a short article will come across as “keyword stuffing.” Your article also won’t read very well.

2) Go for quality in your articles, not quantity. Yes, it’s extremely helpful if you can write thoughtful, informative articles of 500 words or so five days a week for a month and then one to three times a week for the next couple of months after that. But if you simply don’t have time, aim for fewer articles of higher quality. What do we mean by quality? Articles that are engaging, well written and offer good, solid information to your target audience.

3) Pay your writers well. Speaking of lack of time (or if you feel you’re not a good writer), consider outsourcing the writing of your articles to a professional. Watch out for writers who will accept $5 (or even less) per 500-word article. You will be paying for junk. The article may be written by people who have no grasp of complex English grammar and syntax. In addition, you risk that the “writer” may simply cut and past someone else’s article and foist it off to you as original. Many professional, highly talented writers can write an article for you for between $25-75 or more (the more would be a for an article on a highly technical topic).

4) Distribute your articles to the big guns. Hundreds of article distribution sites are popping up on the Internet each day. However, we recommend that you distribute your articles to the major players in the article distribution arena:,,, articlesnatch. com, etc. (Here’s a list of the top 50). You also can place your article on your own HubPage, Squidoo Lens, AssociatedContent pages, etc.

If you’d like to explore more about how article marketing can bring your website targeted traffic affordably and continually (once the article is distributed, it’s on the Internet — and being found — forever), give a call. We can research the keywords that will work best for your campaign and we can also write and distribute the articles for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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