Some Offline Marketing Ideas

We’re huge proponents of online marketing, of course, but we’re also firm believers that marketing online is just one aspect of advertising and marketing a business should undertake. In other words, don’t forget your “offline” marketing efforts.

Here are some “offbeat” but effective ideas for marketing your products/services offline:

Whenever you mail anything, even if it’s a bill to the electric company, enclose a brochure or flyer in the envelope. You’re not paying anything extra for this “direct mail” piece — you’re already mailing the bill — but you never know. The person opening your envelope might just be able be in the market for what you’re offering.

Once your customer has purchased something, immediately offer him something else. For example, send a thank you note to a customer for his purchase and enclose a coupon for 20 percent off his next if he does so within, for example, 60 days.

Try bartering. Partner with another company. For example, a promotional items company could provide embroidered company t-shirts to an advertising agency in exchange for billboard space. A janitorial service could clean a printer’s office in trade for flyer printing. Be creative in your bartering ideas and don’t be shy — you never know who will say yes to your query.

Speaking of partnering, if you send out direct mail pieces, offer to send out another, non-competing company’s promotional material as well, so long as it will do the same for you when it sends out its promotional mailings.

Postcards are absolute marketing gems, made all the more so because of their low cost. Recipients will read a postcard so long as the front catches their eye and the sales message is brief. Be sure your website address is printed prominently, of course.

Stickies are great for business. Those yellow post it notes also will be read if you place them on the envelopes of all and everything you mail. Be sure you keep the message very short — no longer than 10 words or so.

Finally, newsletters are a terrific way to keep current, past and potential customers interested in your product/service. Send the newsletter regularly — at least quarterly. If  the cost of printing and mailing a newsletter is too much for your budget, consider sending a newsletter via e-mail.