Some Important E-mail Marketing Statistics

E-mail marketing more and more is growing in popularity — and power — among online marketers and SEO experts.

The website, a leading authority on e-mail marketing metrics, recently presented some interesting statistics on the use and efficacy of e-mail marketing.

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Just some of the site’s statistics:

The site reports that 56 percent of U.S. marketers plan to spend more on what it calls “newer media” marketing (such as websites, e-mail marketing, mobile, search, and social media) in 2011 (from the Association of National Advertisers, 2010).

Reporting on a statistics from Econsultancy, “How We Shop in 2010,” said that more than 60 percent of respondents (to the Econsultancy survey) said that at least 50 percent of the e-mail programs they participate in are of value to them.

Econsultancy also reported in “How we Shop in 2010: Habits and Motivations of Consumers,” that 42 percent of consumers surveyed said the best ways to receive ads for sales and specials is via e-mail.

That same Econsultancy report stated that 68 percent of U.S. consumers aged 18-26 use e-mailed coupons online.

ExactTarget, “Subscribers, Fans and Follows: The Social Profile” (2010), reported that 56 percent of U.S. Internet users interact with brands only via marketing e-mails they receive. Compare that percentage to the 1.3 percent who only interact via Twitter and the 0.7 percent who do so via Facebook.

As for the number of brands with which Internet users in the U.S. engage via e-mail, the ExactTarget report said that U.S. users interact with an average number of 11.8 brands via e-mail compared to 7.9 brands via Twitter and 9.4 percent via Facebook.

CrossView (2010) reported that just nine percent of American shoppers (those who shop in-store), preferred to receive promotional messages on social media sites, as compared to the 37 percent who liked receiving information on specials and sales via e-mail.

Our takeaway for you? E-mail marketing is a powerful tool. Yes, marketing via social media is growing, but e-mail marketing currently beats the pants off of those marketing sectors. If you’re not marketing to your prospects via e-mail, you’re losing business. Period. can put together e-mail marketing platforms and plans for your firm. Contact us today so that we may learn more about your marketing goals and challenges. We look forward to hearing from you!

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