MaxLife Solution™ Launches the New Anti-Inflammatory Support Supplement – InflammEx™

MaxLife Solution™ Launches the New Anti-Inflammatory Support Supplement – InflammEx™

MaxLife Solution recently launched a breakthrough, all natural, next-generation supplement that promotes anti-inflammatory support. InflammEx is now available at

The majority of the medical community agrees that chronic systemic inflammation is the primary cause of most serious illnesses.


“Physicians call it the ‘Silent Killer’,” said MaxLife Solution director of marketing David Kekich. “It causes pain of course, but also accelerated aging, loss of energy and flexibility … and more. Inflammation is strongly linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and virtually every other aging-related disease. And the frightening thing is most people don’t know they have it. Many show no symptoms.”

The Company utilized its Artificial Intelligence technology to scour medical databases worldwide to identify genetic codes that regulate inflammatory responses. They then used their proprietary AI algorithms to match thousands of herbal extracts against those genetic networks. They ultimately isolated nine key herbs that express inflammation regulating.

“Authorities say AI is the biggest breakthrough in nutraceutical development in at least 50 years,” said Kekich. “Look for quantum leaps in performance from this day forward.”

MaxLife Solution used the results of this research to create what could not have been created without this new technology. InflammEx is made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients. It’s gluten free and contains no dairy, eggs or soy.

About MaxLife Solution

MaxLife Solution is a Newport Beach, CA nutritional supplement company,but more. It is dedicated to reversing the human aging process by identifying and supporting emerging medical technologies.

Their revolutionary Artificial Intelligence system helps discover and match genetic patterns and compounds. Using this system, they are able to analyze massive amounts of biological data, more than humans can possibly do, and formulate natural nutritional supplements for specific targets. For more information, call 1-800-727-2888 or visit

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