Engineous USA, Inc. Launches New Family of Websites to Showcase Their Unique Automotive Industry Product and Service Lines

Engineous USA, Inc. Launches New Family of Websites to Showcase Their Unique Automotive Industry Product and Service Lines

The new sites; GO15.com and Normnet.com, will quickly connect customers with their engine performance products (GO15) and transportation management systems (NormNet™). A new corporate site at Engineoususa.com allows visitors to explore the company’s offerings in a concise and clear format, citing investment opportunities, industry news and more.

One of the key features within the Engineous redesigns is the integrated shopping cart on the GO15.com website. To better serve the wide customer base, the GO-15™ website integrates the product line seamlessly so that visitors can find what they need without confusion. GO-15™ has long provided products that extend engine life using the company’s revolutionary Metal Lubricity Technology®, which forms a molecular bond that chemically reacts with the metal surface to create a remarkably strong surface.

GO15 Engine Treatment
GO15 Engine Treatment

The result of this technology creates a compound known as Boundary Lubrication that greatly reduces friction, emissions and engine wear, while dramatically increasing fuel economy and providing greater engine performance. This and other offerings on the GO-15™ website display a wide array of GO-15™ bottle sizes with a simplified checkout system. New Starter Kits get you going in the right direction with the right amount of GO-15™ to help make sure your first treatments give the best result. This new GO-15™ shopping cart feature allows customers to zero in on their GO-15™ engine solution in less than three clicks.

Keeping with this innovative momentum, Engineous USA took their creative thinking to the Normnet.com website to better bolster their Proactive Fleet Health Management and Monitoring solution. This streamlined interface will provide customers with the ability to reduce the cost of transportation operations and maintenance and improve safety proactively – before breakdowns occur. NormNet™ is capable of ending on-road failures for good, keeping commercial trucks in service and on the road. Visitors can now visit the Normnet.com website to discover NormNet™ benefits, company offerings, and connect with a company specialist if desired.

The redesigned websites now offer an even more seamless user experience for all Engineous customers, partners, and researchers. Visit Engineous’ redesigned websites at http://www.Go15.com and http://www.Normnet.com.


Engineous USA, Inc.™ is a Company that develops economic and environmentally conscious products for the automotive after-market. The Company’s marketing plans are to target the transportation sector and related retail automotive accessory and performance markets. Engineous USA, Inc. products range from petro-chemicals, GO-15™, to proactive fleet management software, NormNet™. NormNet™ is designed to make your equipment support teams function more effectively. It uses data from your existing sensors and data sources and easily integrates into your operations and maintenance procedures. GO-15™ is compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils, greases, and hydraulic fluids. You can benefit from using it almost everywhere. For use in both new and old applications. For new applications, keep metal parts in new running condition for as long as possible. For older applications, rebuild years of wear and restore performance and efficiency that has been lost.

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