Dr. Alexandra Chaux, Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT and CoreFitYoga.com Offers Fresh Insight and Solutions for Women who are looking to have a Flat, Healthy Tummy

Dr. Alexandra Chaux, Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT and CoreFitYoga.com Offers Fresh Insight and Solutions for Women who are looking to have a Flat, Healthy Tummy

Dr. Alexandra Chaux summarizes the factors that commonly contribute to a bulging stomach for women. She then describes the new European Hypopressive Method used by Super models and European actresses. She also lists the benefits of the Hypopressive Method for women. She concludes with how she can offer instruction for women seeking this solution to a bulging tummy.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux is an Expert in Hypopressive Fitness and has trained many women and celebrities on the proper techniques and benefits of this European Method created by a Medical Doctor in Belgium.

The dream of many women is to have a flat abdomen at all ages. As women age, the issue becomes more pronounced unless the take action to correct it. I am the only Doctor of Physical Therapy in the United States that is Certified by the founder of the Hypopressive Method, Dr. Caufriz of Belgium, said Dr. Alexandra Chaux.

What is the most common reason for a bulging abdomen other than obesity? It is the excess of pressure in the abdominal cavity. This excess of pressure separates the rectus abdominis in the middle section of the abdominals. Sometimes above the umbilicus, or below the umbilicus creating the impression of a bulged tummy. This is why even relatively thin women tend to get a bulged stomach over time. The key to success is to relieve the pressure in the abdomen.

Dr Alexandra Chaux

The Hypopressive are very popular in Europe among Celebrities, Victoria’s Secret Models, and postpartum women.

Factors that Increase Abdominal Pressure:

  •     Multiple Pregnancies.
  •     Post Abdominal Surgeries.
  •     Obesity.
  •     Flaccid Abdomen.
  •     Activities of Daily Living (Breath Holding, Lifting, Carrying, Straining when toileting, or Squatting).
  •     Physical Activities such as Running, Jogging, Jumping, and Weightlifting.
  •     Sagging Abdominal Organs due to Gravity and Aging.

What is the Best Way of Flatten the Tummy?

The best way to flatten the abdomen is by reducing the excess of pressure in the intra-abdominal cavity, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Traditional abdominals such as sit ups and crunches are not the only way of strengthening these muscles. In fact, sit-ups and crunches can actually INCREASE the pressure in the abdomen, thus making the stomach bulge when in a relaxed state.

A much more effective way of restoring core shape and strength is with the Hypopressive Abdominals Method. It’s not necessary to do 100 crunches or sit ups to get a flat tummy which can actually increase intra-abdominal pressure and weaken the pelvic floor!
Hypopressives are a sequence of rhythmical postures, with proper posture alignment and powerful breathing techniques.

The purpose of Hypopressives is to decrease the excess of pressure in the intra-abdominal cavity, thorax, and pelvic floor to transform and restore the core from inside-out.

Hypopressives will reset and rewire the abdominal muscles to maintain a flat tummy, even when you relax your abdominals. In other words, Hypopressives produce a ‘tonic response’ in the abdominal muscles by contracting the core and pelvic floor muscles with an involuntary action.

Hypopressive Benefits

  •     Improve Posture
  •     Flatten Tummy
  •     Shrink Waistline
  •     Restore Core and Pelvic Floor Postpartum
  •     Reduces Stress
  •     Calm the Mind
  •     Improve Flexibility
  •     Maintain a Healthy Spine

In order to succeed with Hypopressives, it is advisable to perform this method with a certified health care professional who assesses, and creates a Hypopressive program according to the client’s particular needs. There are many different issues, such as flexibility, that can cause a bulging tummy and knowing what course of action to take is critical and custom for every Client.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux, Doctor of Physical Therapy, is the only certified DPT in the USA for the Hypopressive therapeutic method by the founder in Europe Doctor Marcel Caufriez (see Caufriez Concept). Doctor Caufriez created two types of Hypopressives. Therapeutic Abdominal Hypopressive exclusively offered to Doctors, Nurses, and Physical Therapists, and Fitness Hypopressive offered to personal trainers.

The Hypopressive are very popular in Europe among Celebrities, Victoria’s Secret Models, and postpartum women. Dr Chaux instructs women how to perform Hypopressives properly, to modify any activity that can increase the excess of pressure in the intra-abdominal cavity, and to include a routine of Hypopressives in the daily basis to optimize results: Core Strength, a Flat Tummy, Reduced Waistline, Improved Abdominal Tone, Diaphragm Release, Improve Posture, Reduced Back Pain, better Movement and Coordination, and Restore Core after Child Birth.

See Dr. Chaux on Instagram and YouTube: HypopressiveCoreFit

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