Boy Scouts of America Launch New Website for Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy on Catalina Island, California Designed and Built by GoMarketing Inc.

Boy Scouts of America Launch New Website for Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy on Catalina Island, California Designed and Built by GoMarketing Inc.

The Western Los Angeles County Council of the Boy Scouts of American relaunches a new & improved digital platform for the Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy for Boy Scouts, Schools and Private Groups.

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Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy Website by GoMarketing Inc.

“The new site is clean and inviting to better highlight the wonderful opportunity for students that want to learn more about the ocean, the environment,” said GoMarketing CEO Richard Uzelac. “Working with the team at the Western Los Angeles County Council, has been a great experience. The programs they have put together for local Boy Scouts, Schools and Private groups have been amazing,” Richard Uzelac added.

Nestled in the less developed, northern side of Catalina Island, Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy is home to a rich Southern California ecosystem complete with marine life, bison, and the infamous Catalina Island Fox. Since 1946, Emerald Bay has become home to a Boy Scouts of America facility that serves 4,500 scouts every summer with a staff of 150 camp counselors. Camp Emerald Bay also offers spring and fall programs that are sought after by Los Angeles schools, churches, businesses, and organizations for events and retreats all year round.

To make Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy less of a hidden gem and more accessible to youth and adults alike, The Western Los Angeles County Council of the Boy Scouts of America has recently relaunched the facility’s website at . In partnership with GoMarketing Inc, a leading digital marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Thousand Oaks California, the Boy Scouts of Western Los Angeles. aimed for a highly user-friendly platform with easy navigation and more information about how to book a Fall, Spring, or Summer programs at Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy.

Each Academy program is dedicated to teaching kids and adult visitors about the area and ecosystem via outdoor and environmental education, sustainability, marine science initiatives, and ethics & leadership training. Unlike the resorts on Catalina Island, Camp Emerald Bay provides opportunities for personal growth and team building. With a new and improved website, Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy will remain a readily available resource for students and institutions looking for an educational experience they’re likely never to forget.

Programs offered and depicted on the website include: Leadership, Logic, Team Building, Science Literacy, Orienteering, Island Biogeography, Ornithology, Botany, Food Production/Waste, Geology, Wildlife Conservation, Climate Change, Water Resource Management, Ichthyology, Ocean Acidification, The Ocean and You, Kelp Forest Ecology, Intertidal Zonation, Microplastics, Plankton, Marine Invertebrates, Ocean Circulation, and much more!

Fun physical activities include: Ocean Kayaking, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddleboards, Archery, Leatherworking, Art, Pottery and more.

Group bonding activities include Campfire and S’mores, Dance Party, and Movie Nights.

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About Boy Scouts Of America Greater Los Angeles Council

The Boy Scouts of Los Angeles offers programs and resources for K-12 youth throughout the Western Los Angeles Area in Southern California. From camping and outdoor adventures to other useful life skills, the Boy Scouts of America also provide scholarships and volunteer opportunities to build community and facilitate success. For more information about their programs or to see their active calendar, visit:

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