Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Anti-Aging Industry

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Anti-Aging Industry

MaxLife Solution makes cutting-edge age reversal techniques available to the general public.

Cutting-edge age reversal techniques, steeped in technology and formerly unavailable to the general public, are now introduced at

“Our aim is to be the go-to source for anyone interested in adding breakthrough technologies to their personal anti-aging arsenal,” says David Kekich, one of the website’s Founders and a longtime advocate of all things that help to NUKE AGING. Kekich is the Founder of Maximum Life Foundation, a Director of Life Extension Foundation Buyers’ Club and author of Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100?

New MaxLife Solution Home Page
New MaxLife Solution Home Page

He adds, “Our team of scientific advisors and formula developers are pioneers in their respective fields. Their synergistic approach created wellness products based upon decades of research and clinical trials.” features these few products as they emerge, and current articles designed to inform health conscious people about cutting-edge advances in longevity research. It offers unique solutions to the issues of aging. The website will also offer advice, interviews, personality profiles, workouts and recipes.

An exclusive feature of this new web resource will be the nutritional supplement formulations based upon Artificial Intelligence, the ultimate in Information Technology. It also integrates ancient Traditional Chinese Herbals Medicine.

“We are the first to capitalize on the use of Artificial Intelligence, and the first to combine it with tried and true remedies proven as efficacious through centuries of use. Think Sci-Fi meets Ancient Tradition in a powerful synergy never before seen,” Kekich explains. “A visit to this website will provide a wealth of practical longevity and wellness tips and information while entertaining and engaging the visitor.”

“There are standouts in the field of life sciences today, people like Ray Kurzweil (author of The Singularity is Near), Dr. Aubrey de Grey the world’s most well-known gerontologist) and J. Craig Venter (the first scientist to sequence the human genome).

“As they contribute to progressive science, we will contribute the benefits to the user friendly website, offering emerging health information,” says Greta Blackburn. You may know Greta as Co-author of The Immortality Edge, a prescriptive book based upon Telomere Biology, an ardent spokesperson for longevity initiatives… and now a regular contributor to the site.

Other distinctions that set this website apart are its relationship to Maximum Life Foundation and access to developments from MaxLife’s world renowned Advisory Board members. It focuses on emerging technologies and discoveries made available due to the core team’s background and VIP access to leaders in the industry, as well as its team’s merging of the latest technologies with age-old solutions.

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