AMG Financing Capital Obtains $15 Million in Financing for one of America’s Largest Domestic Garment Manufacturers and Retailers

AMG Financing Capital Obtains $15 Million in Financing for one of America’s Largest Domestic Garment Manufacturers and Retailers

For over 40 years AMG Financing Capital has helped private and public companies from all over the world obtain quality financing with a 100% Success Rate.

Arthur Gelber, President of AMG Financing Capital, was hired in 2012 to arrange financing for one of America’s largest garment manufacturers and retailers during a cash flow crisis. For one reason or another, this company was unable to obtain financing on their own. In helping this company, AMG arranged a financing of machinery and equipment as a bridge towards a $43 million infusion of capital arranged by the owner several months later.

Over the years, AMG has amassed more than 400 institutional financing sources, such as banks, insurance companies, and various types of funds. Some institutions will provide financing as low as $1 million others $100 million and more. The larger the financing, the easier it is to do.

100% Success Rate
100% Success Rate

This year has been another successful one for AMG and their clients. For example, a Los Angeles based contract furniture manufacturer with domestic and foreign sales had its line of credit cancelled by a major national bank. AMG was able to restructure the company’s debt getting the company more working capital with better terms and conditions.

Another 2012 success story: A world famous beauty salon chain and manufacturer of hair care products needed to expand their hair care manufacturing operation. The client came to AMG looking for equity. AMG was able to do better. They structured a cash flow financing, which provided enough working capital that the client did not have to give up equity in the company.

About AMG Financing Capital, Equity and Debt Private Placement Financings

AMG Financing Capital was founded in 1968 by Arthur Gelber who trained in investment banking at both Paine Webber and Merrill Lynch. While assisting larger companies, he discovered a need in the middle market for assistance and professional expertise in obtaining financing for acquisition, expansion and refinancing. These companies were too small to get the attention of larger investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. They only had their network of trusted advisors to advise them in an area in which they had little or no experience – until AMG Financing Capital came along.

AMG brings professional help to these companies in knowing how to make a proper presentation and to whom to make the presentation. During the financing process they provide advice on terms, conditions, structure and interest rates. Many of these companies are unable to obtain business financing on their own usually because they are not telling their story in a manner acceptable to many financing sources and they are not telling their story to the right people. Arthur Gelber and AMG know how to present companies to each financing source and get results with a 100% success rate in helping their clients with their financing problems.

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