The Client
Tom James: World’s Largest Fine Men’s Clothes Manufacturer

Quick Background: Meeting our Client’s one year goals in just 60 days for the world’s finest clothing company is one of our proudest achievements. That was just the beginning, the results keep growing.

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tom james

The Challenge

Tom James Co., a $1 Billion corporation, has created the finest Men’s suits in the world for the past 75 years. At one time they were the exclusive clothiers of Hollywood’s top stars and leading sports figures in the USA. The Client’s migrated to CEOs of Corporations and other business leaders. Today Tom James Co. is growing market share from CEOs to Hollywood Stars to Political figures and Sports Superstars.

Most of their sales are made by Tailor/Account Executives in the field that meet with CEOs and other notables in their own offices. These expert tailors measure the Clients, fit them and eventually hand deliver the finished luxury suits to the Client. Tom James tailors pride themselves on working on a personal level with their clients in order to dress them in the perfect suit.

It was time to put Tom James on the internet map so to speak. The old site was ponderous and the e-commerce aspect was almost impossible to navigate. It was time for GOiMarketing to help.

The Goals

The ultimate goal was to drive ‘Schedule a Tailor’ leads to Tom James’ hundreds of Tailors/Account Executives worldwide.

Secondly, we had to redo the E-Commerce aspects of the site to make it easier for Customers to purchase off the rack clothing and accessories directly from the website.

Thirdly, we had to maintain their branding online to keep the image and status of Tom James clothing first rate, including their Women’s and ‘Big and Tall’ lines of clothes.

The Result

With careful planning and consideration, we set financial goals for the new website. Before the fourth month of the program was completed, we had already reached our first year’s goals financially for the Client.

The main source of revenue, as planned, was a great upswing in the amount of high-quality, targeted leads that were generated by the website and the Search Engine Optimization programs. These leads created instant relationships between the Tailors and the prospective Clients, so good in fact that 33% of all leads resulted in sales! Talk about great return on investments!

The second source was the E-Commerce aspect of the website. The newly spruced up storefront and checkout drove more sales in the first year of the program than the total sales online in the history of the company!

“Tom James is our flagship website for the corporation. A lot rides on this website and its brand. We searched long and hard for the right Marketing company to take the online presence of Tom James to the highest levels, we found that company in GOiMarketing.

In less than a quarter they exceeded all our goals for the year! Since then the traffic, leads and revenue continue to grow strongly, even in the slower 2009 economic climate. We look forward to working with the GOiMarketing team throughout the year and beyond”

– Bryan Podany, Tom James

Services in Action
  • Redesigned the website to change it from an online brochure with a nearly impossible to use shopping cart system, to a branded, highly-functional, lead gathering and E-Commerce platform with a fully integrated shopping cart/ordering system.
  • Kept the general look and feel of the site intact, but raised its quality, style, and functionality immeasurably. Simplified the ‘Find a Product’ functionality, with a much easier Check-out functionality. Increased the presence and visibility of the Women’s and “Big and Tall” sections on the site.
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  • Removed steps and actual pages from the checkout procedure, streamlining the process and greatly increasing sales. Integrated Email Marketing and Order fulfillment functionalities with the Shopping Cart. Redesigned the checkout pages to lower ‘abandoned shopping cart’ rates.
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  • Applied Best Practices Search Engine Optimization. Applied the GOiMarketing Tool Kit for increased exposure. Adoption of Google priorities such as Video Marketing and Canon Tags. Incorporated online timed Press Releases into the SEO plan.
  • Created thousands of Keywords to highlight Tom James Co.’s entire product line on the web.
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  • Optimized and Released ‘Launch’ and ‘New Season’ Press Releases online that scored heavily on traffic and clicks. 2010 Press Releases will highlight new seasonal products.
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  • Created Business Videos or optimized and re-released Videos online for greater exposure and media coverage.
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