Gitman Brothers

Gitman Brothers

America’s Last Great Shirt Makers

Quick Background : Since 1948 Gitman Brothers have created the world’s highest quality, custom, off-the-rack shirts since their founding in Ashland, Pennsylvania. The problem was that their website and online presence reflected none of this, and the search engines barely ranked them for their own name!

The Client

“We just launched about four months ago and already our eighth’s month’s goals have been reached! The GOiMarketing team has been unbelievably communicative and positive the whole way. Our two teams have meshed and our regular conference calls get right to the point of progress and innovation. The response times on changes to the programs are much faster than we thought possible. We look forward to the next twelve months with great expectations and the GOiMarketing team feels the same way. Now that’s what I call a team!”

– Bryan Podany, Gitman

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The Challenge

Search Engine Rankings, Web Design

Take a high quality company like Gitman Brothers Master Shirt Makers and have their website reflect their brand and status correctly. With our SEO and search engine placement programs in place, many Customers’ introduction to Gitman Bros. would now be the official website, and we needed that first impression to count.

Then, once Customers showed up, the site must elegantly show them the products and the checkout line so those Customers could order the Gitman Shirts they wanted quickly and efficiently.

The Goals

Increase Revenue, Online Branding

The ultimate goal was to greatly increase recurring corporate revenue through e-commerce sales of their entire product line, including the powerful ‘Big and Tall’ division. What they needed now was to maintain the dignity and status of the company through a clear voice and design on their new website. Sales were important, but equally so were image and brand integrity.

We had to make it clear that this was the New official Gitman website, not another of the many reseller websites that competed with the company for the sale of their own shirts.

Services in Action

The Result

Website traffic and sales exceeded everyone’s expectations

Mission Accomplished! The growth of traffic and sales to the website has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even though the GOiMarketing strategies have recently begun, the rising sales and traffic charts show the future to be bright. Sales have more than doubled in the first six months of the program and continue to grow and drive additional revenue. The website is attractive, dynamic and powerful. The shopping cart is well integrated.

All programs are tied together and supportive of each other. The internet marketing practices and Search Engine Optimization programs have proven very successful to traffic and more importantly, revenue.

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