How to Choose Your Company’s Blogger(s)

How to Choose Your Company’s Blogger(s)

If you’ve decided to start a business blog, you may wonder who at your company should write it. Your company’s CEO would be a great one to do so, but not always.

In fact, you should consider having several employees take turns at writing for your company’s blog. This will help your blog remain fresh.

So ask yourself this: in your company which employees do you know who enjoy writing. Look beyond the folks in your public relations department and add employees from HR, accounting, sales, operations, etc.

Employees can write about their daily work lives. Case studies. Instructive stories about solving clients’ problems (get your clients’ permission, of course) and only share positive, non-embarrassing stories.

You may want to ask employees to write sample blog posts, so that you can get an idea of their writing skills. You’ll want to be sure that your blog writers have a great grasp of grammar, spelling and style.

If not, you’ll need someone on staff who can edit the writing of others without editing out a writer’s personality and tone.

You’ll want to be sure anyone who writes for your blog can commit to regular postings. Too many business blogs are started with a burst of enthusiasm only to peter out when the novelty wears off (it becomes “another” job task) or ideas become scarce. It may be a good idea to ask your writers to put together a list of blog topics for the next three months or so. This way, they’ll know what to write about and they — and you — won’t wake up at 3 in the morning of posting day with a start because they suddenly realize They. Have. No. Ideas.

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