A Short Primer on Google Analytics

A Short Primer on Google Analytics

So you have this terrific new website and you’re curious how it’s doing regarding attracting visitors. Your SEO firm will give you the skinny, of course, but if you’d like to check your analytics, Google lets you do so.

Google’ Analytics basically measures, collects and analyzes the activities of your site’s visitors. What keywords brought them there? How long do they stay? Which pages do they look at? And so on.

When you log into Google Analytics, head to “Website Profiles” and choose the site you want to analyze. Then click on the “View Reports” tab. You’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you’ll be able to view how your site is doing.

Some different Google Analytics sections

Traffic Sources Overview: This section gives you a breakdown and percentages of the different sources of traffic to your site.

Visitor Overview: This is where you’ll see what pages your visitors go to when they arrive at your site, how long they stayed, and your rate of bounces off your site. You’ll also get a list of new visitors as well as how many “absolute unique visitors” your site received.

Map Overlay: This allows you to look at a Country or Territory view of a world map The color will tell you how the percentage of visitors coming to your site from any one country. You can then click on the “view report” link that will give you views of the specific cities from which your visitors arrive.

Content Overview: This section will tell you how many times your site’s pages are viewed. It also will give you the number of unique page views as well as your site’s bounce rate.

The bounce rate is important because, if it’s high, then you know that people are coming to your site but they’re leaving because they’re not finding the information they need or are looking for. You can then change your content or design and watch to see if the bounce rate improves.

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