Why SEO Makes Good Business Sense

You may be balking at the “high cost” of optimizing your website. After all, spending several thousands of dollars to create a new site (or redo your existing website) and a few hundred dollars a month for SEO maintenance isn’t chump change.

But let’s take a closer look at the potential return on your SEO investment. SEO done correctly will bring new visitors to your site. SEO done correctly also will create a site filled with informative content about your products and services that will show their value to your customers. SEO done correctly will draw your future and client customers into your site and help them purchase.

Yes, a revamped site will cost a few thousand dollars at the start of your SEO campaign. And SEO maintenance and tweaking more than likely will cost a few hundred more each month.

Obviously, the more people you can get to your site, the more customers you should be able to grab. Conservatively, let’s say SEO done correctly will bring 50 visitors to your site each day. Let’s also say that only one of them (we’re being conservative) will become a customer. We’ll also assume that that one new customer purchases $100 of your products or services and we’ll assume for argument’s sake here that he or she never purchases from you again (but you’re still getting another new $100 customer each day).

At 30 days per month, you’re bringing in (at a very conservative estimate) $3K a month. As time goes on more and more people will come to you site with very little additional SEO work and associated costs to it (SEO is like that; it builds on itself). So in a few months your site could be bringing in two, three, four, 10, etc. more customers a day. Therefore, at that conservative $100 purchase per new customer, your site will bring you$4K, $5K and up each and every month.

The return on your investment really can be phenomenal!

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