Why Link Building is important

The All-Important Backlink and How Your Site May Get Them

On-site search engine optimization of your website is important to do. Your site needs to be full of content that’s been optimized for keywords — all it’s pages, title tags, and so on.

But optimizing your site itself doesn’t mean you’ve completed all the work you need to do to ensure your site has been optimized as best it can be: you need to be sure your site has backlinks.

A backlink is a link to your site from another website. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook posts, articles — all can bring you backlinks.

Backlinks are great because they tell a search engine’s spiders that your site is well, to put it in extremely simple terms, popular. Your site has all these links coming to it, there must be something worthwhile about it, or so the spiders believe. If other sites “like” your site, your site must have value, and the more value the spiders believe your site has, the better your site will rank within search engine results.

How to Get Backlinks

Visit  forums and frequent blogs pertaining to your industry and add to the conversation. Don’t blatantly sell your service or product, but give advice when it’s asked, your opinion when you have a constructive one, etc. Be sure to have a link to your website in your signature line.

Another great way to get backlinks is via what is known as article marketing. Write an article (300-500 words will be fine) on a topic relating to your expertise. Again, don’t make it a blatant advertisement. Provide good, solid information within the article. Then submit it to one or more (more is best) of the many free article directories available on the Internet. Place a link to your website in your article’s “author resource box.”

Got news? Write a news release about your company and submit it to the press release submission sites. Many are free or charge a nominal fee. Be sure to place links to your website within your news release.

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