What IS it that you guys do?

  • January 13, 2010
  • Blog

Arlene was a new real estate agent.
She had great energy and no business.
She lived in a waterfront community in Ventura County California.
She came to RealtyTech for a Website and IDX MLS Real Estate Search.
She loved her site and search, but not visitors found her website.
She wanted to compete in her farm market area, but there were to guys, the ‘Kings’ of the neighborhood that seemed to control the market for listings and sales.

She hired GOiMarketing to get more traffic and leads from her website.
GOiMarketing modified her site monthly to have it totally cover her market for information, listings and content.
Six months later, she started to get traffic, from 400 visitors per month to over 2,000!

Ten months later, she is on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and MSN in organic placement!

Six months after that, and $20,000,000 worth of listings and sales later, Arlene is now the ‘Queen’ of the neighborhood and she dominates the former ‘Kings’.

Long live the Queen!

And that Virginia, is what we do.

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