What are the Google BERT Algorithm Changes? Explained by Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing

What are the Google BERT Algorithm Changes? Explained by Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing

How BERT uses AI and Natural Language Programming to Understand Complex Queries

The Google BERT algorithm change focuses on one main idea: Better understanding of complex search queries from users. Older versions of Google would omit certain words from a long query, and product search results that do not match the intention of the searcher. BERT takes ALL the words into account of the context of the query. It then uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and Natural Language Programming (NLP) to ‘understand’ the intent of the search query and deliver the true results the AI ‘thinks’ the User is interested in. Google says only one in ten results will typically change on the average search. The more complex the query the more results may change due to Google BERT.

Google BERT in Plain English, please!

Well, if I haven’t lost you yet, great! I had to write that above like that as Google and Google BERT want blog posts to get to the point right away if you want your post to rank, so I did that.

Now we can get real on this Google BERT change, cool? Good. Here goes.

Long search queries are a nightmare for AI to understand. Language and the meaning of words change as they are used in a sentence. An early word in the search has a meaning as you read it, but it changes when you are done reading it in the full context in the full sentence.

Older versions of the Google Search Algorithm would ignore or devalue certain words in a long-tail query. Because of this, many times the results were incorrect as language is very fluid and every word HAS meaning in a query. Google understands this and with Google BERT, seeks to provide more accurate results.

Is Google Bert update helpful?

Here are a few examples:

Example 1: If someone searches for “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa”.

With BERT Update, Google Search is able to grasp that its related to Brazilian traveling to USA. Before Google returned results related to U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil. So yes Google is now focussing more on Long Tail Keywords.

If user searches'2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa', it shows results related to Brazilian Travelling to USA. Results now are more relevant.
Image Source: Google

Example – 2: Lets say user search for “do estheticians stand a lot at work”

You can see that result after the Google Bert update is much more relevant then before.

If user searches'do Estheticians Stand a lot at Work', BERT here knows that'stand' is related to the physical demands of a job. It shows more useful results.
Image Source: Google

Example – 3: One more “can you get medicine for someone pharmacy”

It is clear from the results that brent results are better

If user searches'can you get medicine for someone pharmacy', you can see from the before and after picture, new result is more relevant.
Image Source: Google

Example – 4: Good example – “math practice books for adults”

Now you can see results after brent update are more relevant to grown ups.

If user searches'math practice books for adults', new google results shows maths related to grown ups which is relevant to user search.
Image Source: Google

What Does Google BERT Mean for SEO Marketing?

That depends, if you are doing things right, nothing really. If you are trying to cut corners, life may get harder for your marketing programs.

With an emphasis on true linguistic meaning, Google BERT increases the value of great original content provided in an easily understandable way. So, if you, like GoMarketing writes strong original content for your site (as we do for our Client’s sites) you will be FINE! If you try to keyword stuff and write awkward sentences just to have more keywords on the page, then you may suffer lower rankings.

Conclusion: Google BERT Justifies the Righteous

“Google is nothing if not consistent and transparent for marketers. For years they have been saying, ‘Content is King’ and write good useful stuff and we will rank you well. Play word games with us and you won’t rank as well, sorry but you did this to yourself. This is something I truly love about Google. They make our work easy. If we right good quality clean understandable content, our Client’s sites will rank very high. This, of course, infers you are doing the other things properly with your website like making it secure and fast. You are making it mobile friendly and fast. You are sharing your knowledge with others and gaining meaningful links to and from your site to other sites that have value to your visitors. It’s the whole tool kit of proper SEO, but the FOUNDATION is great original content.” – Richard Uzelac

I hope this helps you!

Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing Inc.

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