Website Enhancements for Better Search Engine Rankings

  • January 13, 2010
  • Blog

Search engine marketing involves more than just adding keywords in the title and meta tags of your website. Everyone has a different opinion on what should be done to a website and what should not be done. For example, limiting the use of java, flash, and frame layouts are said to help. Even though it is difficult to pin point if those techniques make an impact of search engine rankings, it seems to help. Below are some key factors that we look for when we are starting a website search engine marketing and optimization program.
Website Content
• Relevant content
• Keyword-Rich Content
• Search Engine FriendlinessLayout
• Proper Alignment
• Aesthetically Pleasing
• Verify HTML Graphics
• Image Quality
• Alt Text on Images
• Proper alignment

User Interface
• User friendliness
• Easy navigation
• Lead Generator

So if you are thinking of making Website Enhancements for better Search Engine Rankings try to keep those things in mind. There is much more that goes into it, but this is a good place to start.

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