“Wasting” Your Budget on SEO

“Wasting” Your Budget on SEO
  • March 8, 2011
  • SEO

Has this ever happened to you?

You decide to try some of this “SEO stuff” to see if you can get more visitors to your website. You read up tons and then you give it a shot yourself. Three or six months and countless hours later, you decide it’s not worth the trouble — you got just a little, if any traffic, and barely any new customers from all your efforts.

Plus, you’re exhausted — it takes a lot of time to do SEO yourself!

So you stop. But you keep noticing your competitors’ sites seem to get a lot of traffic. You hear they’re doing well and you discover their “secret” is a well-optimized website as well as some good offsite marketing (social media, article marketing, PPC, etc.).

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So you hire a respected SEO marketing firm. You spend a good amount of money from your marketing budget and three to six months later you realize you haven’t seen much increase in traffic, nor much increase in revenue.

So you go to the SEO firm and say “Stop with this SEO nonsense, you’ve just wasted a big chunk of my cash. I’m done.”

But (and this is important so pay attention), your project manager says “But, wait! Your traffic numbers are increasing. Give it at least three more months. SEO takes time.”

Listen to your project manager. He or she speaks the truth.

If your site is brand new, it can take several months to build up enough content and generate enough backlinks to really get a search engine’s attention. In addition, your content and service/product offerings must be persuasive enough to get your site’s new visitors to become customers.

Really seeing the wonders of SEO and online marketing come to fruition for any website truly does take a long-term commitment to working on your content and working to get links. Many online marketers, in fact, recommend that a business make this commitment indefinitely.

The initial website construction (or tweaking for SEO) will be your largest cost. Then, your SEO firm more than likely will charge you a reasonable monthly retainer in order to continually update your SEO (off- and online), so you arguably could be spending no more than $500-$1,000 a month on your site (possibly even less than $500 a month, depending on what services you need).

If you’ve tried SEO on your own and “it didn’t work,” give GoiMarketing.com a call. We can put together an affordable SEO and online marketing package for your business, one that will see your website visitors and revenue grow in number….in just a few months!

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