Using Video to Market Your Business

  • March 19, 2017
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Using video on your website is a terrific and results-getting way to market your business — videos get almost four times the number of clicks as a standard link. Custom video creators like Kartoffel Films believe that people love to watch them and they allow you to send a specific and personal message to your target audience.

As you work to place a video on your site — or to load one up to YouTube with a link back to your site — keep in mind that that your video should be about than five to six minutes long. If you feel that the things you have to say will take longer than five minutes, you always can put together a video series on your topic(s).

If placing your video on your website, be sure to place it on your sales page. A sales page with a video is still rare enough today as to pique interest and is certainly more interesting than a long sales letter typical (yet still effective, when done correctly) found on most sites today.

Use your video to show people who you are — the face behind the website — to demonstrate your product, or to give more information on how it will benefit your visitors. It’s also a terrific way for your visitors to become more connected to you and what you offer — they start to feel they know you personally.

Be sure you give a clear “call to action” in your video. Be sure you create at least one terrific offer in your video and be sure you know exactly what you want your visitors to do. Ask them to do something, but just ask them to do one thing — don’t take away your video’s marketing and sales power by offering them too much or asking viewers to do too many things.

Do you want them to send you their e-mail address so that you may send them something? Put the video next to a form with which they can sign in. Be sure to “make it worth their while” by offering something in return, such as a free report and be very clear in your verbal instructions.

We can create a custom video for you, placing it on your website (if you like) and also submitting it to the major Internet video portals such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo Video and AOL.

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