Usability on Websites

Usability on Websites

In the last few years websites were developing a lot. In the beginning it all started with only displaying some content, information where to find your company and maybe adding some fancy animations (in flash of course) . After a while, flash got out of date, and flat design started to establish over 3D design. Responsiveness became important after everybody got a Smartphone. And one word got really prominent: “Usability.” But what is it and why are people working on that?

Usability means that design and functionality has to fit the needs of the user to make sure that their goals are met. The easier it is for a user to meet his or her goal, the better it will be and the less he gets frustrated. We at GoMarketing are always trying to help our Clients reach their goals. We do this by, allowing THEIR customers to find the easiest way to meet their goals.


The website must be accessible at all times. This requires server monitoring and having a set response to any website issues.

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KISS – Keep it short and simple.

High usability includes keeping the website as simple as possible and using consistent design, is very important for the user to find his way.

Design & Functionality

Using intuitive design and functionality that people have learned in the last few years. Everybody knows how a slider works, right? We do an individual design, but we still stick with the basic concept so people know how to navigate through the page.

Test, Test, Test.

To make sure everything is working, navigation and everything is clear. We are always checking all pages for mistakes after setting up the website.

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