Top 5 Online Marketing Tips for Plumbers

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips for Plumbers

Digital marketing for plumbers can help you reach a broader customer base at lesser cost and effort than traditional methods like billboards and door-to-door marketing. However, there are way more digital marketing options for plumbers than ever. And settling on a few that you think will benefit your business can be quite tricky.

Here, we give you actionable tips to help grow your online presence and drive more clients to your business, without a sweat. Let’s dive in.

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Plumber marketing strategies to Reach More Customers Online

1. Local SEO for Plumbers: Be “the Plumber Near Me”

1.1   Local Content Optimization for Plumbers

In the digital era, people rely on search engines like Google to find the information they need, whether it is how to fix leaking pipes or find the local plumber in their area. If you want to rank for geo-targeted searches on google, the website must be optimized for “near me” searches along with high traffic keywords.

The objective of digital marketing is to generate online leads in your service area. If you offer plumbing services in Los Angeles, in that case, your website must be optimized for geo-targeted keywords like:

  • “Plumber near me”
  • “Plumber Los Angeles”
  • “Emergency Plumber”
  • “Los Angeles Plumbing phone number”
  • “Drain Cleaning in Los Angeles”

Optimize your website content for plumber near me keyword

1.2   Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Yellow Pages books are quickly fading into a past as local searches migrate online. But there remains a similarity between paper directories and local online searches: customers cannot find you if your business is not listed. And Google regularly updates its algorithms to accommodate online search trends and continually offer the best user experience. It is, therefore, common to see top-ranking businesses featuring in the Google maps.

Optimize your plumbing company's Google My Business listing for the service areas

The top three businesses on Google Maps make up the coveted local pack. Ranking your business here doesn’t have to be a struggle provided you do the right thing. First, ensure your website content is relevant to your area of operation, even if you serve multiple places. Secondly, keep your NAP(Name, Address, Phone Number) information consistent across your webpages and other websites. NAP is critical to local organic search results as Google takes the data into account to provide the most relevant results for geo-targeted searches.

It would be best if you optimized your Google My Business profile with local keywords. And ensure you input the correct NAP information and all the plumbing services you offer in a particular area. Also, optimize your website for mobile, so you don’t lose potential customers to competitors with faster-loading websites.

2. Target Your Customers with Paid Search Campaigns

Paid search campaigns can incredibly complement your SEO efforts by targeting people looking for your plumbing services and generating traffic and sales faster. Leverage the following tips to crack paid search campaigns for plumbing services.

2.1   Focus on Emergency Plumbing Keywords

Google Ads: Target your customer by adding the keywords emergency plumbing + service area

Often, plumbing issues occur unexpectedly or even during the wee hours of the night. A homeowner facing such a situation doesn’t have the patience to book plumbing services and wait for days before help comes their way. They need immediate assistance.

Tap into this urgency and see your revenue grow dramatically by adding plumbing keywords to your ad campaigns like:

  • emergency plumbing + your operation area
  • 24/7 plumbing services near me
  • plumbing after hours

Your ad copies should emphasize you are the best emergency plumber in the target area, so customers know your services are exactly what they are looking for. Ensure these prospects can see your emergency phone number on your website for a quick connection to your services.

2.2   Run a Call-only Campaign

Another trick to cater to emergency plumbing situations and quicken lead generation is by eliminating website visits from the conversion process. Call-only campaigns can help with that. Here, your number shows in your ad’s headline so potential customers can call you directly from your ads…instead of customers having to visit your website.

Call-only ads are the perfect tools to target customers who do not have the time to compare several options, they need a fast solution for their plumbing issue. And do not forget to optimize these ads with emergency keywords, as discussed earlier.

Google Call-only Campaign to cater to emergency plumbing situations

2.3   Relevancy with Ad Group & Keyword

Generic paid ads will not get you meaningful results. But a clear demonstration of relevancy is sure to instill trust in potential leads and elevate your lead generation. Show that you understand your target specific problem, and you can offer them a unique solution. But how?

Create an ad group for each service you offer, adding only keywords relevant to the specific service. Then create matching ads for the ad group. For example, if you offer commercial plumbing, create a commercial plumbing ad group targeting “commercial plumbing” keywords. Then craft specific ads just for commercial plumbing.

 Ensure Relevancy With Google Ad Group & Plumbing Keywords Granularity

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3. Manage Online Client Reviews

It is no secret that most customers rely on online reviews to decide on the plumber they can fully trust with their property, family, and plumbing needs. A good reputation is an excellent marketing tool as it instills hope and trust in your prospects.

Even if you are just getting started, managing your reviews should not be daunting and costly. It begins with a simple request for a review from a customer whose project you have just completed. The best thing is to write each of them a personalized email requesting feedback. For positive feedback, send the customer an email with a link to your Google My Business page, where they can leave their reviews. It is not just about ratings. Encourage your customers to write what they liked about your plumbing services and why they would recommend friends and relatives to you.

Encourage your customers to write what they liked about your plumbing services

It is important to address negative feedback diplomatically. Seek to know why a particular customer was unsatisfied. And remedy the situation as quickly as you can.

4. Write a Blog and Resources Related to Plumbing

A critical part of distinguishing yourself as an industry leader and earning customer trust is publishing helpful and relevant blogs on your website. Offer your visitors practical tips related to plumbing. For example, you can teach them ways to prevent drain blockage.

Blog consistently to build your authority in the industry, complement your SEO efforts, and rank favorably on search engines. Leverage long-form content to provide as much information as possible and generate links from industry-related websites. Useful content can also help increase the time visitors spend on your website (lower bounce rate), signaling to Google that your site is helpful to the readers.

Earn customer trusts by publishing helpful and relevant blogs

Ideas for Plumbing Blogs:

  • Why Does My Sewer Keep Backing Up?
  • Tips on How to Thaw Frozen Pipes
  • Plumbing Tools The Homeowner Would Use
  • Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?
  • How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall
  • How to Use a Plumbing Snake
  • Benefits Of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Even as you make your blog posts reader-friendly, you will want to optimize them with relevant keywords, especially the long-tail phrases. Do not forget to share helpful information through email newsletters, but keep the subscriptions optional. Stick to an email newsletter schedule to keep your brand always in the mind of your subscribers.

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5. Invest in Social Media Marketing

Leverage social media to elevate your online presence and engage with your target audience on a more personal level. Post high-quality, relevant, and engaging posts, including videos and images, on your social accounts, to increase awareness and build a loyal social community. And respond to feedback on your timeline and in private messages to establish trust and authority.

Post high-quality, relevant, and engaging plumbing posts, including videos and images

Target specific audiences with social ads to engage high-intent social users and drive qualified leads to your website. Post regularly to keep your brand on your audience radar. You can use social media management platforms like Sprout Social and HootSuite to streamline your social media tasks.


There you have them, practical digital marketing tips for plumbers to improve your online presence, drive traffic to your website, establish authority, and grow your revenues. Implement them one by one, testing and improving their effectiveness to make your plumbing business stand out from the crowd.

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