This Shopping Cart is Too Big, This One is Just Right!

  • February 24, 2010
  • Blog

When it comes to shopping carts, one size does NOT fit all, at least not any more. There was a time when a basic shopping cart could be modified to fit just about any website. But as E-Commerce has become more complex, so have the needs of your shopping cart.
First, shop around for a shopping cart armed with all of your e-commerce needs and a description of what you need your cart to do for you. Make it a complete wish list then go hunting for the best cart to meet those needs.
Some points to think about are:

1. Cost: How much does the cart cost to acquire? How much to set it up? How much for the monthly hosting and/or service on the cart?

2. Number of SKU’s or numbers associated with each of your products. Some carts are built for thousands of SKU’s some are not. Get the right one so you aren’t forcing a round peg into a square hole.

3. Merchant Account/Book keeping compatibility: Some carts are awesome with certain types of Merchant Accounts and financial software. Others would need third party engineering to work with your accounting and merchant systems. That cost should be factored into your decision.

4. Accessibility: Many companies need to access their shopping cart daily; some companies can set a cart and let it alone for months. Make sure you know the answer to this question. If there is a high level of adjustment and maintenance required make sure you can do this yourself. That is more preferable than relying on a customer support staff that won’t see the urgency of your needs in the same light you do.

In conclusion, picking the right cart will save you the two most important assets in business: time and money.


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