The Pros and Cons of Pay-per-Click (PPC): The Pros

In our last post we talked about the “cons” of using Pay-per-Click advertising. This post will talk about the “pros.”

  • If you pick your keywords well (that is, find good niche keywords with good traffic… but not too good, or else you’ll be competing with everyone else) PPC will really help you get traffic very quickly. And, if you’ve created a landing page and website that converts your visitors into buyers, PPC truly can help you get new clients/buyers fast!
  • Unlike organic search results, where you research and research — and research some more — very tight and very-niche keywords used by your target audience, you don’t need to worry too much about getting the keywords exactly right. If you pick a keyword and no one uses it, you don’t have to pay for it (because no one clicked on your ad because it never appeared in on a search results page because no one uses that search term).

    You don’t need to worry about attracting search engine spiders. So long as you have the budget, bid properly on decent keywords and you pay for/run you ads, you’ll get traffic.

  • In fact, unlike optimizing your page for organic search, there’s no need to worry about HTML tags, backlinks, how long you’ve been online, etc. Instead, your PPC campaign will bring you all the traffic your PPC budget can provide.
  • In addition, there’s no need to write and distribute articles, Tweet, post to a blog, comment on others’ blogs and in forums (all good SEO and social media marketing activities) unless you want to. Your PPC campaign can bring you a wealth of new business on its own.


If you’d like to learn more about how PPC done correctly can bring you more customers and result in more sales, contact We can help you craft a PPC campaign that fits your budget and gets you results.

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