The Penguin Paradigm: What Google’s New Algorithm Could Mean for Your Business

The Penguin Paradigm: What Google’s New Algorithm Could Mean for Your Business

There has been a lot of buzz about Google’s latest change to its website ranking system. Although Google makes frequent minor changes to its algorithms, every so often a major change comes along that shakes up ranking results. Since released in April, the Penguin algorithm has caused various websites to shift in rankings . This is primarily due to the fact that Google is cracking down on different SEO tactics like web spam filters, keyword stuffing , unnatural links, and content spinning. Google aims to eliminate sites from artificially earning high rankings.

Any ranking changes seen from Penguin simply mean that Google now weighs areas of the website differently. At its core, the Penguin algorithm aims to eliminate web-spam and over-optimization. Sites that use black-hat SEO tactics will be penalized while sites with genuine content will be rewarded.

So how can you adjust to the different Google landscape?

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Strike the Perfect Keyword Balance

Finding the perfect equilibrium of keywords is essential to ensure a good standing with Google. Post too few keywords and you risk not being found; post too many and you are at risk for being flagged. An oversaturation of keywords will not only appear unnatural to your readers, but it will be flagged by Google as being over-optimized. Keep in mind that it is more important to write the keywords for the reader than to simply boost SEO.

Use Good Quality Links

It is now more important than ever to use good quality third-party links. One good strategy is using brand name links rather than keyword links; this includes accurate URLS as well. Not everyone will make the decision to use the same anchor text to link to your site. If your keyword is “yellow daisies,” try to get links with text like “daisies that are yellow,” “daisies” and “a variety of color of daisies.” Finally, utilizing non-descriptive links such as “click here” are excellent strategies for keeping your profile optimized and looking natural.

Good Content Can Never Hurt You


One of the most effective ways to appeal to the new algorithm is to feed it current, relevant content. This can be done through weekly blog updates and monthly press releases. Good content will appeal to Google as well as readers that will add traffic to your site.

Know what to Avoid

Since Penguin is basically Google’s way to keep web spam in check and encourage sites to play by the rules, avoiding these tactics will help bypass Penguin:

–Content spinning: Copying an article, changing around a few words, and then publishing it as an original. Take more time to invest in rewriting your articles to ensure authentic content.
 –Cloaking: Manufacturing various versions of your website to search engines solely for the purpose of improving rankings.
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