Stay Away from THIS Kind of SEO Company

As you’re looking for a search engine optimization company, beware of the ones that will tell you “we’ll get you on the first page of Google guaranteed — in a week!”
Proper optimization of a site takes time. Google, for example, doesn’t rank sites every day — it does so periodically. Done correctly, site optimization can take months or, at the very least, a few weeks to get your pages ranked.

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Here are some other signs an optimization company may not be the best:
The company promises to submit your site to hundreds of  search engines. This is where you yawn. Yes, there are hundreds of micro-search sites, but few people use them. In addition, the large search engines — Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo! — advise that you don’t submit your site too frequently. Also, the very fact that you submit a site doesn’t in any way speed up the ranking process or even assure that your site will be picked up.
Über cheap or even flat rates. For good SEO, you  must be prepared to pay good money for it. SEO companies that offer very cheap prices or even monthly flat rates probably won’t be able to optimize your site well, especially if you’re in a hyper competitive industry or niche. Good SEO companies take many hours to study your industry and your competition before they can even make a price proposal. You should expect to pay at the very least $2,500 to optimize a small site. If you can’t afford this, there are many free sites on the Internet from which you can learn to optimize your site yourself. There also are many good books on do-it-yourself SEO. All it will take you is time — lots of time.
In addition, be wary of SEO companies you find on the bidding sites such as Elance. Many SEO practitioners advertise their services for cut-rate prices. Be advised however, cut-rate services almost always result in a cut-rate site.
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