Some Little Known SEO Secrets

Some Little Known SEO Secrets

Search engine optimization techniques can change as quickly as the seasons: what worked even three months ago may not be as efficient as what helps your site get found in organic searches today.

Here are some little known SEO “secrets” you can try on your website, especially if your product or service is one sold to people in your area (you own a flower shop, a cafe, a plumbing service, etc.).

Be sure to include your city and state in your keywords. If you own a flower shop in Womelsdorf, PA, for example, be sure to include those words in your keyword phrases. In fact, many SEO experts recommend you spell out your state. So using the example above, your keywords could be “flowers Womelsdorf Pennsylvania” or “Womelsdorf Pennsylvania flowers.”

Are you a shoe retailer? Do you sell, for example, Merrell shoes? Is that brand on your website? If not, list it, as well as any other brands your target market looks for. Place these brands in your website’s tags. Also, contact your vendors about having a link from their sites to yours.

Purchase domain names that are similar to your website’s and forward those domain back to your website. For example, if your flower shop has a family name (Brown’s Blooms) and your website is, purchase a domain such as and have that forwarded to your website. This helps you get local traffic to your business’ site.

People using search engines often misspell things. You can use this to your advantage by taking common misspellings and using them as keywords. Even Google does this. Type in your url and see what comes up!

Get backlinks from local sites. Find local online directories for your area and get listed. These would include directories run by your local chamber of commerce, newspapers, etc.

Are you active on social media? Do you tweet — with a link — on Twitter that your site has new offerings? Do you mention — with a link — on Facebook that you have a new blog post? Aim to tweet at least five times a day, with at least one of those tweets including a link to your site. Post to Facebook at least once a day and work to include a link to your website. Post to your blog once a week at the bare minimum (two or three is better), with a link a pertinent page of your website.

As we mentioned above, SEO techniques change quickly. It’s tough to stay on top of them. Which is why can prove to be a valuable partner. We live and breathe SEO, so we’re always up-to-date on the latest SEO tools and trends. Contact us today so that we can keep your website’s SEO up-to-date, too.