Some Bad — Very, Very, Very Bad — SEO Techniques

  • October 22, 2010
  • Blog

Want to get your website banned from the search engines? Try some of these little nasties:

1) You know that stuffing keywords in your content is bad, so you try to get around it by “hiding” the stuffing. You can do this by having your text be the same color as your background or you place the keywords far off the page — where your site’s visitors don’t see it. Bad. very bad. Google bans you.

2) Flash implemented in your site. May not get you “banned,” but definitely not competitive. Search engine crawlers do read and index Flash, but they won’t rank you high. Why? Because search engines love text. (Important note: the search engines also are starting to love video, especially if you place keywords. Tip: place keyword-optimized video on your site).

3) Do you show different content to the search engine crawlers that you show to your visitors? This is called cloaking and Google slaps you on the wrist crying “Bad, girl!” May not get you “banned,” but the search engines won’t “like” you. Spammers used to use this technique widely a few years back and you know how much Google hates those who spam. Don’t be among them.

4) Do you love to use Javascript in your website design? If so, the search engines won’t love you if you use it too much because it looks like Greek to them — they don’t know how to “read” it. Use Javascript just a little and be sure to include CSS to move it away from your Web pages’ headers and text.

Keep Google happy with your website and hire to optimize it for you. We can create and optimize a new site for you from scratch, or we can revamp your current site to make the search engine crawlers happy. Contact us today!

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