Social Media Marketing Plan for Construction Companies

Social Media Marketing Plan for Construction Companies

You have a wealth of construction experience and you are now licensed/bonded. It is time to launch your construction business, but you will need to bring in customers. Things have changed in recent years. Running a marketing campaign has steered away from newspaper advertisements, spots in the phonebook, radio airtime, billboards, and limited tv commercials. Nowadays, everything is focused on drafting a successful social media marketing plan using a Construction Company Digital Marketing Agency.

Even an established construction company can benefit from social media marketing to expand its reach, drive traffic, push customer retention, and increase revenue. With social media marketing for construction companies, you can establish a brand identity that appeals to clients.

An excellent digital marketing campaign will help you get more clients and obtain even more service calls to build your construction business.

What is Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies?

Using social media marketing helps you build your client base by expanding your reach substantially. You can let new clients learn about your construction company’s advantages by targeting your audience directly.

Trending reports show that over 80 percent of the global population is active on social media daily. Many prefer to work with a construction company that also engages in social media due to the perceived openness and transparency.

Potential clients get to know the company and brand voice by following them on social media, and a rapport forms that truly builds bridges. Social media lets people feel like they can reach out to a company via messenger to ask questions and launch a conversation.

Social media is an impressive tool that can give your construction company the edge over its competition. In this article, we will explore developing a social media marketing plan for your construction company.

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Does Your Construction Company Need Social Media Marketing?

Would-be clients often reach out to you based on referrals, past work, reviews, and testimonials that they read from existing or past clients. Social media is a great way to display all those things. With regular updates, you can showcase current and past projects and let followers know what people are saying about your construction business. A digital marketing agency for construction companies will engage social media users to elicit referrals.

Whether your construction business is small or on a larger scale, social media is like a shrinking beacon for future success. A well-organized social media marketing campaign builds the business reputation while creating curiosity in your followers.

Trendy social media users like to use communication and business interactions, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. With social media, they gain easy access at any time. You want to harness that awareness to help grow even stronger.

How to Get Started with a Social Media Marketing Plan for Construction Companies?

Follow these 4 proven steps to give your construction company social media marketing a structured plan, and be sure to stick with it to excel your construction business.

01. Know About Social Media Platforms

A digital marketing agency for construction companies is familiar with the various social media platforms available. They have a deep understanding of how each works and the potential benefits.


Many consider Facebook king when it comes to social media. They boast over two billion active users daily globally. When used correctly, the giant can improve the efforts of your construction company marketing substantially.


Instagram is known as a pictorial platform that is all about visuals. People remember what they see better than what they read, and Instagram uses that fact to its advantage. With Instagram, you can gain visual interest from your customers by displaying present, past, and future projects.


With YouTube reigning supreme as the most widely used video platform, many see it as a great place to provide visual content on an enormous scale. Nowadays, many younger people watch more YouTube than television.


Twitter is considered a straightforward approach to social media without many of the bells and whistles. You can use it in real-time to provide the latest updates concerning your company and projects.


If your construction business wants to target construction professionals, then LinkedIn is an asset. You can truly offer a great deal of information about your company on the site.


As a messenger app, some businesses use it to grow their circles with varying degrees of success.

02. Set a Goal

To pick the best platform for your business, you will need to understand your goals and think about what you hope to achieve. Do you want to spread brand awareness? Drive Traffic? Generate leads? Maybe you want to achieve everything – if so, then you will need to formulate an apparent path and plan accordingly.

Let us examine some goals and what you can do to achieve them.

  • Build Client Base: Facebook is the perfect platform for reaching the right audience and building your client base.
  • Convert Potential Leads: Do you want to convert leads to clients? LinkedIn might be the best choice because it acts as a business social media platform to obtain reliable and accurate information about potential clients.
  • Spread Awareness: Do you want to spread awareness about your construction business? Why not use your existing relationships with WhatsApp to reach out?
  • Drive Traffic: To drive traffic to your website, you might want to consider a visual aid like YouTube or Instagram. YouTube has an unique advertising platform using Google.

The above are just a few examples that a professional digital marketing agency for construction companies might use to develop your business’s social media plan.

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03. Learning What to Post on Social Media

Once you have identified your goals, it is time to decide what to post on social media. Everything you post is a tool that lets potential clients learn about you and your business. You can provide information about the latest services you are offering, details about your business, or share construction project updates with your followers.

You will want to keep your social media posts simple and to the point. Lengthy posts tend to be overlooked because most people have a short attention span on social sites.

Social media marketing ideas for construction business

Good construction-related posts include:

  • Information about past, current, or future construction projects.
  • Website linkbacks to drive traffic directly to your website. You can do this with a blog post, feedback, or new page link.
  • Post pictures of your team
  • Add articles about your construction company’s activities – has your business participated in any local or community events? Use the events to promote your business on social media.
  • Share construction business news and information – this is especially useful on Twitter, where you can retweet construction news.
  • Ask questions and take polls to spur interactions. Do not hesitate to ask about your followers’ styles or viewpoints.

Remember, when posting on social media, you will want to find the right balance between posting too little or too much. Having a digital marketing team create a foolproof marketing plan with posts for each day of the month laid out is a great way to handle your business’s social media presence. With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can use their built-in tools to schedule posts to appear on certain days and times. You will want to post at the right time of day when your viewership is out there.

Putting together a social media marketing plan involves researching trends to determine how often to post, such as twice a day on Facebook or three posts per day on Twitter. People usually check their social media platforms before heading to work, at lunch, during the dinner hour, and before bed.

With proper scheduling, you can genuinely derive the most success out of your posts.

04. Tricks to Build a Social Media Following

Once you have your social media marketing plan formulated, you will want to focus on building a following.

Here are a few tips on how to build followers:

  • Follow other construction businesses and relevant accounts that are related to your business. This helps to form legitimacy.
  • Interact with your followers regularly.
  • Use hashtags to get your posts out there and gather more followers.
  • Stay active by posting often and engaging with your followers.
  • Post your opinions about trending topics.
  • Ask people to comment or engage on your page – you can even offer small prizes.
  • Tag people and places in your posts.

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Working with a skilled digital marketing agency for construction companies to build your social media marketing plan actively is your first step towards success. Remember, clients and would-be construction partners regularly check out a business’s social media platforms before reaching out. If you want your business to grow, then you should start posting today! Contact the Social Media Marketing Experts at GoMarketing for more information or call us today at 805-413-7893 for a free quote.

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